Trophies and notifications for "Best of the year"

Something like this is totally necessary if Strava wants to keep people motivated.
Especially if they are not going to filter times alone/group ride.
Some KOMs are really far for EVERYBODY if a race (professional or not) passed some segment, or some group rides.

Even your own best PRs could be so far today compared with YOUR times 3-4 years ago.

I think that some trophies or medals (also notifications if you loose the "best of the year") would be motivating for sure.



  • @Susun: This feature would be nice, but only if you count the last 365 days instead of the calendar year. Else it would be raining senseless Year KOMs and Year PRs on January 1st. Of course loosing the best of the year is not possible then.

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  • I agree with the OP. I am 70 years old this year and have been using Strava for 5 years.   It's becoming very difficult to set new PRs.

    I'd like to see annual age bests for us veteran athletes.

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  • Wasn't this exact thing tried in 2015?  Yes, and to very negative response from the members... see this thread:

    The bulk of posters in the thread, myself included, felt it cluttered up the activity page with a lot of meaningless awards.  Especially in the first few months of the year when a leisurely ride would garner an untold amount of "yearly kom awards" on less-traveled segments.  Also, holders of true KOM's felt their achievements were diluted by the year awards.  

    Maybe the staff made a noble effort, but they were forced to relent and discontinue the awards under heavy criticism.  I do agree that our year-by-year progress over segments can be difficult to calculate since (I at least) haven't been able to figure out a way to see my results for a previous year.   --


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  • A fair point, although I can't say that I remember any problems in 2015.

    I think it's valid to ask about how Strava can be kept fresh.   I guess I'm typical as I ride from home 48 weeks of the year and cover the same roads, therefore achieving new PRs becomes almost impossible especially for veteran riders.

    I'm 69 this year and have a Premium membership so that I can check my performance against athletes in my 65+ age group.    There's no 70+ age group offered by Strava, so I doubt whether I will continue my Premium membership as it will not be giving me the information I want.

    It seems to me that once people get a few years into Strava and the achievements stop appearing the appeal of the app will decline, especially among older riders.


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  • The majority of blurbs in the string, myself included, groped it messed the movement page with a considerable measure of trivial honors. Particularly in the initial couple of months of the year when a comfortable ride would earn an untold measure of APA And Academic Writing yearly kom grants on less-voyaged portions. Perhaps the staff endeavored, however they were compelled to yield and end the honors under overwhelming feedback.

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