Can you hide Zwift indoor rides in daily feed

Is it possible to hide all the Zwift rides within a Strava feed?  It feels like it's turning Strava into a video game.  There should be an available setting to hide Zwift/trainer rides out of the daily feed.



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    Hi everyone, please head over to the existing discussion on this topic, Settings to hide Zwift trainer rides in feed

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  • What is wrong on indoor rides? Many athletes use indoor trainer very often, especially in bad weather and in winter. For example my friends use Zwift for interval workouts and these trainings are pretty hard. Only thing, that I don't like on it, are fake distance and elevation. For this reason all my indoor trainings are without distance - only time, power, cadence and HR.

    And don't forget - friends should keep you motivated to work hard all the time and Zwift does the job pretty good.

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  • I sure wish there was. Losing interest in Strava at the moment as it's just full of virtual rides, 2 epic climbs & an average speed of 23mph? Proper fantasy stuff, not real cycling ;-)


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  • I would willingly click 1000 times on plus for this idea.

    At the beginning it was really pure: run and ride

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