Swimming support with Apple Watch 2

Hi I have been given an apple watch for Christmas and I was wondering if there is every going to be able to either  upload swims straight from the apple watch activity app or have the swim feature in the watch addition app




  • Not on the roadmap???!!! How many triathletes in the world use Strava? It's crazy that everybody's favourite tracking app won't track swims. Put it on the roadmap, please!

  • Yeah, I've also been patiently waiting for Swim and Apple Watch. For some reason I thought it was being released early 2017. I got it wrong, or Strava backed off.

    I would love to see Strava triathlon challenges as well as single sport challenges.

    I will stick with Strava though. I have too much data with them over the years.

  • Just found this app and absolutely love it. Add me to the chorus. I desperately want Apple Watch swim support, or at least integration from swim.com.

  • From all triathletes; please add swimming to the watch app!

  • Yes when do you plan to add this???

  • You can see the strength of feeling here Strava! Give us swimming on the Apple Watch!

    Can everyone who comments remember to vote up the original post at the top.

  • Please add swim sync to Strava from Apple watch.

  • Strava - you really need to add this and i've been patiently watching this topic.  You have enough demand for it and I do pay for premium.  This really isn't rocket science and the net result is that you have an incomplete fitness offering. I want strava to be my one stop solution for all my fitness data.  You are clearly superior with cycling segments (and that's awesome) but your are letting Apple displace you, at least in my mind, as the one who will aggregate all my fitness data.  The crazy thing is that people have been asking this for over 6 months and you still have no answer.  I guess what you are conditioning / messaging to me -  is not to renew my subscription because Apple will do it for free and i'll use the segments that you offer for free (which again are awesome).  Please let me know I got it wrong...

  • Another wote for swim support in Stravas Apple Watch app. I will go premium when in place.

  • Hi everyone as a work around I tried this today. Using my Apple Watch 2 start Strava set to run make sure auto stop is off, then set the watch into water mode. After synch to my iPhone Strava app then edit the event from Run to Swim and save, it carried the GPS track around the lake not that accurate when you have your watch on your wrist but an ok solution. What the GPS track needs is some method of smoothing the route based on the plots. Hope this helps 😎

  • I'd like to add my voice to this too. My most requested feature

  • Yep, another vote for strava swim!!

  • Hey guys, I built an app that might be of use to you.

    It allows you to swim using the built in Activities app swim workout and then upload this data to Strava.


  • Thank you, Chris Kimber. I just downloaded the app and it worked. This is very exciting.

  • Chris Kimber, this app is brilliant. Simple and quick. It also proves that Strava could do this natively very easily if they pulled their fingers out their a***s

  • Chris, happy to pay for your app if I can try it first and make sure it works as I expect. I'm skeptical because I thought there was an issue reading data from Health by 3rd party apps, which is what your app claims to do. If I can see it work I'll gladly pay for the app. Let us know.....

  • That works brilliantly.

    Only thing missing is an auto upload. 

    Why on earth can't Strava do that?

  • Chris'  Swim Exporter app is simple and works, so I'd recommend everyone download it and use it as a halfway house until Strava pull their finger out and sort the swimming issue.

  • Chris Kimber - Whoo Woo! Thank you! Your app uploaded my data seamlessly. I'm a UX guy so I have 4 suggestions.

    • Swipe left or right on a record to delete it
    • Bulk Edit - check boxes on each record and a "Select All" link to upload mass data at one shot
    • Simple search for a date
    • Filter search by data, month and year

    These are only suggestion, thanks again, you have made a lot of athletes happy.

  • Chris Kimber, what a great app - much appreciated!  Does exactly what it says and worked perfectly, but really highlights the short comings of today's swim in activity, which will hopefully get better in watchos4.

    Have you talked to the swim.com folks?  That is a great swimming app.  Maybe you could build your functionality in or you could add support for that one?

  • Took the plunge (sorry) and bought Chris's app. It works great, but with one caveat: it duplicates the work out in Apple Activities. Basically I have the original swim now and the Strava swim. I use the Apple app as a tracker for all my activities so this is a no go for me long term. Another argument for Strava to support Apple Watch 2 officially.

  • +1(me) 10x ;)

  • Swim mode and (even better) a Triathlon mode with T1 and T2 built in. Would Upgrade to Premium for this feature.

  • Chris, can you make it so your app uploads open water swims? Not the GPS data, just distance and time.
    At the moment it needs "lap data" to upload.

  • Perhaps instead of reinventing the wheel by Strava developing their own app, can the Strava app import health data such as workouts? I too have been using the Apple Workout app for tracking swimming and Strava for cycling and since the Apple Health and Workout apps can aggregate data from multiple sources, I wonder if it's possible to export specific Apple data to apps like Strava?  

    I have tried manually adding swimming workouts to Strava in the past but I found that I got duplicate workouts in the Health app, I assume because the Strava data would then be treated as another workout. Anyone else have this issue?

  • Another vote for triathlon mode!

  • Please add this feature : )

    Assumed with all the billboard Ad's seen for Apple Watch swimming support was a given

    Make it premium only if you must, but be a great feature 

  • I don't know many bi-athletes but a heck of a lot of tri-athletes that use strava and Apple Watch. Please get this on your roadmap Strava folks and sort this out pronto.... Please....

  • As a Premium user the absence of swim on my AW2 is frustrating. Swam tonight with auto pause off and recorded as a run. Result? No motion detected!
    Very frustrating. Should I dump my AW2 and the additional features orndonindump my premium Strava subscription?
    Would be good to understand where/if this now sits on the roadmap since, as a triathlete I feel we're being let down here.

  • Why not at least add swim workout tracking as a premium-only feature?  I'm a free user right now, but would gladly sign up for premium if that meant I could track all my triathlon activities with one app.  And then maybe add the ability to import workouts from Apple's fitness app for free customers.

    I love using Strava to track my triathlon workouts and it's always a bummer to have to manually enter my swim workouts as simply how far I swam in what amount of time.


    So here's what I'd love to see added to your roadmap:


    • Swim workout tracking (Premium)
    • Swim import from Apple fitness (Free)
    • Multisport mode (change activities during workout)
    • Triathlon mode (similar to multisport, but with the option to add transitions between activities)


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