Swimming support with Apple Watch 2

Hi I have been given an apple watch for Christmas and I was wondering if there is every going to be able to either  upload swims straight from the apple watch activity app or have the swim feature in the watch addition app




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    In early 2018, we will be working on a new integration between Strava and Apple Health. It is possible that we will be able to sync swim activities recorded with the native Apple Watch app to Strava. Stay tuned. 

  • Yes, please integrate swimming

  • Yep would be very useful

  • Please support pool swimming if possible on the Apple Watch app.

    There's no way of uploading directly to strava otherwise, without doing it manually. 

    This is the main reason I bought the Watch. 



  • It's great that the Strava app & Apple Activity tracker sync up for my cycling.

    Allow me to 3rd this suggestion - please allow me to start a swim in Strava, or sync the swim data from Activity to my Strava account.

  • Please integrat swimming data from series 2 Apple watch. It would be a major milestone for triathletes!

  • Statista quote: 4.25 million triathlete participants in 2015. That should be enough of a demographic to integrate swimming from an Apple Series 2 watch. https://www.statista.com/statistics/191339/participants-in-triathlons-in-the-us-since-2006/

  • I'm in full support of the swim feature also.  Especially without having to keep the phone close by.  I think for any users that have swimming in their training regimen, collecting and being able to use the data in Strava would be ideal.  Also, and this is a random side note, I think a stroke count would be useful for swimming stationary against a current.  Thanks for your consideration of a swimming feature...

  • Lack of a swim integration is the only thing that keeps me from using strava over the crappy apple workout app. You should really consider integrating swim even at the basic level of Apple Workout because your bike and run are vastly superior to Workout or any other app out there.

  • Swimming is the third classic sport that goes with running and cycling. I use my Apple Watch 2 with Strava for running and cycling but my swims are lost in the Apple app... Come on Strava - support swimming!

  • When strata app will work with gps from Apple Watch series 2?

  • Adding my vote for swimming support. Soon please! 


  • @Matthias - there is no solution for syncing other apps through Strava.  You can use your Apple Activity app to get a general view of all your workouts - Strava and NRC will feed into that.  But it's a real general overview. Some people like Swim.com app but I've found it to be highly inaccurate. I just use the Apple workout app swim setting to gauge my swim workouts.  Very basic (Laps, Time, HR and calories) but it's better than nothing.  If Strava developed a swim function and even if they only offered it on pro version, it would be the goto app for all people that swim, bike or run. Strava executes things so well - I wish they would to a swim function

  • Sorry to keep banging on Strava swimming integration on Apple Watch 2 but at the very very least, if you are not going to develop a native Strava Swim App for the Apple watch would you at least create an option on Strava to upload swim data from the Apple Workout app? At least then we could use Strava to be an aggregator of our workouts.

  • Now it is April, 2018 but still no Strava swim for Apple Watch.  What's the deal?

  • Hi Strava, can you give some insight on this? When we might see swim integration into your app? If Strava has an current plans to do this at all. I expect many of us thought this might be part of your Apple Watch 2 update (and why it took so long). If there is another thread where this question was answered, can you please post a link on this thread?


  • I agree, swimming needs to be on there! I am up a creek without a doggie paddle!! Sort it out Strava.

  • Now is March, 2018. Does Strava ready get swimming data from Apple Watch 2?

  • Does anyone know of a solution for this problem right now, syncing through other app or so?

  • You can see the strength of feeling here Strava! Give us swimming on the Apple Watch!

    Can everyone who comments remember to vote up the original post at the top.

  • I've just opened a ticket at Strava asking this.

    They are offering support for premium users so I hope I'll get an answer there.

    Here, everybody seems to be ignored.

  • I too would like to track swims, also free style weight based workouts in the park. I found this link on the strava site, seems to suggest tracking lots of different sports is possible but how??? https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/216919407-Other-Activity-Types-on-Strava

  • Another vote for adding swim support to the Apple Watch!

  • Fully agree with that:

    Sorry to keep banging on Strava swimming integration on Apple Watch 2 but at the very very least, if you are not going to develop a native Strava Swim App for the Apple watch would you at least create an option on Strava to upload swim data from the Apple Workout app? At least then we could use Strava to be an aggregator of our workouts.

  • Yeah, I've also been patiently waiting for Swim and Apple Watch. For some reason I thought it was being released early 2017. I got it wrong, or Strava backed off.

    I would love to see Strava triathlon challenges as well as single sport challenges.

    I will stick with Strava though. I have too much data with them over the years.

  • Just found this app and absolutely love it. Add me to the chorus. I desperately want Apple Watch swim support, or at least integration from swim.com.

  • From all triathletes; please add swimming to the watch app!

  • Why not at least add swim workout tracking as a premium-only feature?  I'm a free user right now, but would gladly sign up for premium if that meant I could track all my triathlon activities with one app.  And then maybe add the ability to import workouts from Apple's fitness app for free customers.

    I love using Strava to track my triathlon workouts and it's always a bummer to have to manually enter my swim workouts as simply how far I swam in what amount of time.


    So here's what I'd love to see added to your roadmap:


    • Swim workout tracking (Premium)
    • Swim import from Apple fitness (Free)
    • Multisport mode (change activities during workout)
    • Triathlon mode (similar to multisport, but with the option to add transitions between activities)


  • Marek, I saw that too.  I think they mean with the phone app or on the computer, and you select the activities specifically when you finish recording.  But I'm with everyone on this thread, they've got to do apple watch support for these activities.  It would be a game changer and really put them out in front.

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