2016 Heatmap comparison

Any plans to update the heat map to include 2016 data to compare with 2015 and 2014? My city has added a number of new bike lanes and I would like to use this to show the impact of improved infrastructure.



  • Please update!!! Extremely useful for route planning.

  • Updated heatmap is out! Amazing.....Amazing! Devs please keep it up to date...satellite added too... I love you!!! Now it is a greatest tool on the earth!

  • Thanks for the update and I hope 2017 will be available sooner than in November 2018, before 2018 season start, let's say before April 2018, would be ideal.

    EDIT: I found that new heatmap is not only 2016 but up to September 2017, that is even better, I hope in regular updates.

  • Excellent work ! Brilliant ! Much much more tracks than the old 2015 dataset !

    As I understood other steps are coming, like route builder.

    Please do not forget TMS servers at{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png

    and iD editor at,,

  • Nice!! The new heatmap is up and running. So glad to see it. The "Hot" color is neat.

  • Thanks Strava!

  • Thanks for updating the heatmap, glad to see so much of the community shares my desire to see this updated regularly.

    However, the original question stands: are there plans to update the comparison tool? Visualizing activity over time is useful to demonstrate the global trend of biking as an increasing mode of transportation and recreation and the need and effectiveness of adequate bicycle infrastructure.


  • Awesome!  love it!

  • Thanks Strava! I swore I'd upgrade to premium when you updated the heat-maps; I'm signing up today!

  • After reading this I see that it took much more effort and resources than I would ever guess, so thanks once more.

  • Beautiful job!

    Thanks for this update, it's priceless!

  • Well done, I didn't know how much effort was going into this. I honored my pledge and became a premium Strava member. Thanks for helping make the world better and safer to ride bicycles.


  • Another thank you on the GLOBAL HEATMAP issue.

  • Congratulations again !

    now :

    - route builder has updated data

    - Id editor and its slide tool work :

    - tms server works (see JOSM imagery configuration)

    You deserve my Premium money !

  • A very big THANK YOU.

    The heatmap update is by far the best way to improve maps (I spend some time updating my region on openstreetmap) and discover the best trails and routes.

    Please don't let the "secret military bases" problem to discourage Strava, the heatmap is really needed.


  • We can read here : that rules changed (because of the secret military bases stuff I suppose :( ).

    Having monthly updates : excellent

    Having 2 years of history : good

    Show data only when places contain activity of several people : good (I do not care about that single guy struggling in jungle with his knife)


    But the last one : "only registered Strava athletes may zoom in to street-level details" leads to problems :

    how will OSM editors work if is not not able to display street-level details ?


    Can OSM mappers have an URL to access to street-level details ?


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