Sync Apple Health Activity Data to Strava

Please add support for sync'ing Apple Health Activity data to Strava.

I've been using the native Workout app on the Apple Watch, and it suits my needs fine. The key thing that's missing is that Strava does not support syncing/importing Apple Health Activity data.




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    Hi Folks, 

    No ETA at the moment. In the meantime, please head over to "Syncing Apple activity data to Strava" to add your support, as this thread seems to be a duplicate. 

  • Thanks for adding this idea Heath.

  • would be greaaaaat!!!

  • This would seem to be a very useful feature. I understand that GPS data from the watch is not stored in HealthKit and (at least currently) is not accessible to third-party applications on the iPhone. Other metrics from the activities are available, however. There are third-party apps (Rungap) that can export from HealthKit and upload to Strava, so it's clearly possible to provide this functionality.

    Would love to see Strava enhance their iPhone app so that I didn't need to use a third-party app.

    Would love it even more if Strava could work with Apple to find a secure way to get access to the GPS data and include that in the upload.

  • Suits my needs! Therefore, +1

  • +1!

  • +1

  • +1

  • +1

  • +1

  • I too agree, the Strava app on Apple Watch seems to consume more battery than the native workout app. I would be content with just using the iPhone app but it does not monitor heart rate.

  • I agree also, this would be a beneficial addition to allow workouts to be recorded in the native apple app and uploaded.   thanks

  • +1

  • With iOS 11 and watchOS 4, third party apps can ask for and receive permission to access route data from workouts. That would seem to eliminate any possible technical excuse for Strava to not implement this functionality.

  • Yes please! 

  • +1 @Stephen (June 10 18:29)

    Would be great and - I think - not that complex.


  • Please Strava peeps! We need this!

  • Yes please

  • +1 

  • +1

    I really like the simplicity (and stability) of the standard Workouts app. But I also want the social aspect of Strava. So it would be awesome if I could just sync my workouts from the Health app (maybe even with the routs with the release of iOS 11).

    Pretty please, Strava guys? :) 

  • Please

  • iOS 11 finally adds support for full GPS data in Apple Health. This means this makes more sense than ever. Please implement this!

    As you might know, Apples own activity app is the only reliable tracker for running on a standalone Apple Watch series 2. :-/

  • Hi. due to no indication when this will be sorted by Strava, I will move away from Strava. Please solve this Strava.

  • We all need it.
    If it's a good idea, Elle, it's time to make it happen!

  • Please

  • This is a perfect idea especially for the swim data. As Strava currently has no way of capturing the data when you swim. Having the ability to use the activity app built into the Apple Watch to record your swim and then for it to sync to strava would be amazing!

  • +1

  • iOS 11 and watchOS 4 will be out be out within the next few weeks. This will give developers at Strava the ability to access workout route data via HealthKit. Given this addition, can we expect native functionality to pull workout data from Apple Health into Strava in the near future?

  • This will be very helpful. I Cant wait ..

  • +1 Please add this feature!

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