Feedback for the updated Strava feed

We are excited to share with you a project that we've been working on for the past year - a new way to experience the Strava feed.

The feedback you've been sharing with us about better ways to sort and filter the feed has not gone unnoticed. The feed fuels the power of our community and is where athletes inspire and interact with each other. We discovered that on average Strava athletes miss almost 60% of the content in their feed every day. Strava's new feed presents a non-chronological ordering of activities based on characteristics we think are most valuable to you. 

Here's how it works:

When you refresh your feed, any content you haven't seen before will be at the top of the feed, above activities you've already seen. The order in which these new items appear is based on a learning algorithm that uses your past behavior to gauge whether you'll find content interesting. Comment a lot on your sister's activities? Her items will be ranked highly for you. Your friend just ran their best time for a 10K? That will get promoted as well. The algorithm will continue to evolve over time, learning as you use it. We won't hide any activities from you - they'll all be in your feed, just in a different order designed to ensure you don't miss the items that matter most to you. You can read more on our blog.

We will be slowly releasing the new feed over the coming weeks, along with close monitoring of performance and your feedback. You are welcome to add to the discussion below or contact us directly by submitting a ticket. 



  • Elle,

    There's massive negative feedback here. Why do you need more information and a survey? Note also that the last question of the survey is ambiguous: "How much does this change impact your overall satisfaction of using Strava?". Answers range from "no impact" to "high impact", but there's no way of indicating whether it's highly negative impact, or highly positive impact! Your PR folks will probably take the results and claim that a majority thought that the new feed has has a highly positive impact - but this is not the case!

    Like many, I'm giving up and won't be renewing my premium subscription. I've joined the following club, which today has 421 members:

    Strava, I want a chronological feed



  • Hundreds of posts from users saying they hate the change, and asking for the ability to sort the feed chronologically, and you need more information on how the new feed isn't working for us? Seriously?

  • Chronological is much better. 

  • This might sound silly, but there are 480+ comments here and you now need a survey, "In order to gather a bit more information". More information! The "survey" has been raging on this very thread since April 6th. I think the jury is in! Verdict, the feed sucks and needs a simple 'sort by' button. So more resources at Strava have been deployed/wasted on coming up and "designing" an exiting new survey (of which I did complete). This survey does not have the scope to explain the full extent of how ridiculous this new feed is. This thread however seems very detailed on users disdain for it . Once again, 'NO ONE' is listening or could care less at Strava, clearly!

    I am so glad I cancelled my premium membership, add that to the survey!

  • Thanks for thinking of us, but for me it's just confusing, for example today I thought my friends had ridden without me in pouring rain! Wait, that was last weeks ride I'm looking at, though I'm sure they would ride without me. Off button please.

  • Wow, a survey! How about stop wasting everybody's time and tell the brilliant engineers to read the plethora of comments contained within this thread. That should be 'survey' enough I would have thought. If the engineers can't reach a conclusion from the comments in this forum, no wonder this has dragged on as long as it has...Folks, I think we are stuck with this ridiculous random feed forever!

  • Love using Strava these past few years. I am happy, however, to see some changes in the works for feeds.

    It would be fabulous to add ascending/descending sorting for:

    • distance
    • moving time
    • elevation gain
    • suffer score

    Maybe even additional options for

    • max speed
    • max heart rate
    • number of participants in activity...

    (Premium users only if not physically, practical for all)

    Sorting would help this particular pet peeve of mine... folks posting rides .5 miles long, posting 5 different times on same day with similar times/miles. List as thread under 'athlete' instead? Probably too much, too many, too app intensive, for so many users?

    Thanks for your continued effort in making it work for so many folks.

  • Elle,

    If you are actually following the comments here, then you know that the new feed is garbage and you do not need anyone to go fill out a damn survey. What you do need is to restore the old code base and delete the current one. You also need to tell your new CEO that no one liked the bullshit algorithms when Instagram/Facebook implemented them and no one wants that crap here.

    Fixing your mistakes is easy, recovering the good will of your users will be more difficult. I, for one, will not trust Strava to make smart decisions until you have earned that trust back. You will not earn that trust until the chronological feed is restored and purged of the worthless clutter. You will not earn that trust until you publicly apologize to the community for destroying usability. And, you will not earn that trust until the idiots responsible for implementing the undesired and pointless changes are publicly terminated.

  • One of the main reasons why I now hate Instagram and Facebook (my activity on both have dramatically decreased). Must have chronological order setting otherwise you'll alienate many users.

  • Andrew is right - this thread has far more information in it than will ever be collected by a survey. Based on the near 100% overwhelming opposition to the change, not sure what else needs to be asked??

  • What Karen Mra says, but also: allow us to set up feed filters for showing or hiding of things like:


    -indoor activities

    -activity type (run/ride/sim, but also: race or not)

    - activity 'quality' (e.g. only show me posts where someone improved either a segment or PR (rank 1-3)

    - challenge results/subscribing (I don't want challenge results or 'X reached 10km' in my timeline)

    That would clean up the timeline without the need to mess with chronology - I would hate that. You could even allow us to make a couple of presets, e.g.:

    preset 1: show me all outdoor running activities chronologically where someone beat their PR
    preset 2: show me all races, regardless of PR or activity type.
    preset 3: show me all non-running activities

    Also, if we don't see a lot of posts, that doesn't mean we care. If we don't complain, we don't care!

  • This is really annoying - the feed works best when it's in order so I can see who else has just finished a ride without randomly scrolling not knowing if I've seen all the recent activities or not. As others have suggested - there are tons of improvements you could do to make the feed experience better for your users, e.g. filters to remove activities or challenge notifications that aren't of interest.

    If you roll out this feature it will be confirmation that you don't care about your users, just like the other apps that also force the algorithms like Instagram and Facebook.

  • Hey Strava, thanks for providing a new way to sort. However, I'm curious as to why you won't allow us to choose the way we sort? By allowing us to choose, your metrics might provide you deeper insight into your clientele. As oppose to assuming and guessing. Thanks!

  • My Premium membership ended this month. I will not be renewing therefore you can remove the "Go Premium" button from my feed page. And it's all your fault. Apparently you don't want my money. I want to give it to you but you no longer make a product worth paying for. 

  • I really can't believe you needed a survey to tell you what people think of the new feed. Surely the comments in this forum should be adequate.  They certainly provide more info than the poorly worded questionnaire !  To summarise BRING BACK CRONOLOGICAL ORDER....

    ...but having just read an article in the cyclist I can see what's taken your eye off the ball, it's the  "New perks for Strava Premium members". 

    Seems you're now going to be pushing sport products and insurance as a way of making more money.  It's sad but I can cope with that as long as it's not in my activity feed and you BRING BACK CRONOLOGICAL ORDER.

  • I canceled now for the next month and will see if I can live without premium.

  • Why would I care about activities that happened yesterday, I looked yesterday!! I'm getting sick of hunting down things that have only just happened. The sooner Strava realise that we don't go on Strava to contact people the better. Strava is not social media, it's a great sport/activity tool. Don't ruin it.

  • Clearly there's something else driving this change. Something about user data and monetization that we, as users, don't know about. There's simply no other explanation I can think of for the extreme and embarrassing level of obtuseness with which Strava is treating this issue!

  • When you join Strava on the desktop/PC version (not the app), you set your settings and your profile. It asks if you are a "cyclist" or a "runner". I'm a "runner" and I notice most of the people with the issue of the new setting are "cyclist". I still have the chronological setting. I wonder if they only rolled this feature out to cyclist and not runners?  I have wondered this for more than a month and have been hesitant to say anything in the fears that if I wrote this, they would then go in and mess up my feed like they have yours.
    Anyway, all of this is to say, I wonder if you cyclists went in to your profile settings and switched to "runner" if that would fix your feed.

  • I cannot believe this has been going on since April and has not been fixed or at least easliy adajusted to add a sort option...

    Almost went premium, will wait to see if they can fix this in a timely manner. A whole bunch of people noticed this in our browser and thought it was  a bug or something specific to android or iOS but to think this is intentional blows my mind...

    Please fix. or add sort option. Thank you.

  • Ghost. I only wish your theory were correct. My account has always been set as runner by default and I have been forsaken with this abomination of a feed now since this thread begun. My daughter (also runner by default) has just had this 'Wolf' arrive at her door in the last few weeks. It is like a insidious disease it would seem, that will infect us all sooner or later. Good luck and I only hope this plague does not reach you as once it does, Strava is rendered virtually useless.

  • Its the end of July and my feed is overflowing with Challenge SPAM.  First the spam reports every challenge signed up for in June for July.  All those spammers then signed up for the August challenges.

    • How is this of benefit for anyone's feed?
    • Does anyone really give kudo's for someone meeting a challenge.
    • What about real activities that are now pages down the feed - no reason to do a big activity at the beginning of the month if it is not seen!?!

    Stop feeding us challenge spam, I've got indigestion.

  • I'm utterly sick of you guys messing around with my feed Strava!  I want to be able to view activities in a neat and organised chronological manner.  I'm more than happy to scroll through a whole days worth of entries to see what my friends have been up to.  With your messy formula their is no guarantee I will see everything!  So many activities seem to get lost in the ether now.

    Also, today I uploaded two activities.  One was a run from today, the other was a walk / jog from two days ago.  Can you guess what your algorithm saw fit to order at the top of everyone's feed?  My slow walk from two days ago rather than a run I just completed a few minutes back.  I don't want people to see this walk I did.  I especially don't want it to feature at the top of the feed.  My recent run meanwhile is bumped way down the feed already!  Why do you have to mess with a system that was working so well?

    Instead of wasting an entire year on this 'exciting' project how about you focus on something else.  For example, all the great ideas everyone on this forum is telling you!

  • What I find particularly interesting is the change in features for Premium. It's as if Strava execs have decided that, rather than make the change people have been asking (begging?) for, they'll do other things to prevent people from canceling their Premium membership.

    Goals and heatmaps now seem to be part of Premium. Also, the drop-down menus on the desktop site highlight Premium features (videos, training plans, power curve, etc) with new backgrounds.

    Read any feedback for Instagram, Facebook, and now Strava...what do people hate? Jumbled Feed.


  • Since email notifications were ended, I use Strava far less.  I don't turn on phone notifications because I have enough notification noise on my phone as is.

    It'd be nice to get those daily summary emails back or have an iPad version of the app where I can get notifications and interact on Strava during downtimes.


  • I absolutely hate the new feed on my Strava. I never had a problem seeing my friends activities before but now... Well now I can't ever get to see everyone and sometimes get posts from multiple days ago when all I want too look at is who rode where today!

    I said hate because it has made an app I love an app I am now considering replacing... With something else.

  • This is horrible. Chronological order please.  I never know what I'm missing with this new order.

  • Terrible. Give us the option to pick how we want it. Will NOT be buying Premium if this is how it's going to be.

  • Arrg! I do not want someone else, or even worse, a computer algorithm, telling me what order I should see things. Every time I use Facebook I have to set the feed order back to chronological from the arbitrary nonsense that the algorithm has decided I should see. For example, just because I've commented, or given kudos, for a particular activity does not mean that I want that person's activities to be top of my feed every bloody day.
    Treat us with some respect please and at least provide the option to reset back to chronological.

  • I cannot think of anything worse. I like chronological for my feeds, if there's no option to keep my feed chronological I will cancel my premium.

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