Feedback for the updated Strava feed

We are excited to share with you a project that we've been working on for the past year - a new way to experience the Strava feed.

The feedback you've been sharing with us about better ways to sort and filter the feed has not gone unnoticed. The feed fuels the power of our community and is where athletes inspire and interact with each other. We discovered that on average Strava athletes miss almost 60% of the content in their feed every day. Strava's new feed presents a non-chronological ordering of activities based on characteristics we think are most valuable to you. 

Here's how it works:

When you refresh your feed, any content you haven't seen before will be at the top of the feed, above activities you've already seen. The order in which these new items appear is based on a learning algorithm that uses your past behavior to gauge whether you'll find content interesting. Comment a lot on your sister's activities? Her items will be ranked highly for you. Your friend just ran their best time for a 10K? That will get promoted as well. The algorithm will continue to evolve over time, learning as you use it. We won't hide any activities from you - they'll all be in your feed, just in a different order designed to ensure you don't miss the items that matter most to you. You can read more on our blog.

We will be slowly releasing the new feed over the coming weeks, along with close monitoring of performance and your feedback. You are welcome to add to the discussion below or contact us directly by submitting a ticket. 



  • Official comment

    You’ve been asking about this for a long time, so we’re thrilled to finally give you control over the order of activities you see in your feed. 

    We’ve added in a choice to see activities in the chronological order they were completed. For more information please see our help articles on Feed Ordering and Following Athletes on Strava

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  • Ok, you can do whatever you want, just give us an option to show activities in chronological order.

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  • Exactly what I have not been asking for. I want the ability to hide things like Zwift and other not real rides, not for you to shuffle time for me. Please give us the option to still have things show up chronologically. I have been using Strava for years, but I can find another tool.

    Edit: I just realized my Premium is up for renewal this month. It is time to reconsider paying for this service. 

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  • I've tried to put up with this, but I'm finding it really annoying. I accept some people may prefer it, and that's fine, but to force it on everybody without making it optional is extremely frustrating.

    Please add an option to show the feed in chronological order.

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  • Echoing rchromatic's comment. I like seeing posts in a chronological order, and would like an option to show them that way.

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  • This is where many social media services are heading and I hate it. By all means have it as an option but as above let me choose to keep the chronological order where I know I can find stuff and not just see what the system thinks I want to see.

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  • As already stated "Exactly what I have not been asking for". Please give us the option to sort in chronological order, and allow us to set the default in our settings. I hate this feature on all the other social media apps.

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  • Yes, chrono order option is a must have. Don't always need predigested feed.

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  • Chronological Order - Nothing Else!

    Get all the Challenges and Badges and related monthly junk out of the activity feed.

    Every month new challenge spam and then challenge spam updates and then challenge spam completes and hey its another month and time for fresh challenge spam.

    Just add two flags:  1. do not publish my challenges.  2. do not show me anyone else's challenges.

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  • Please leave the option to view chronologically.  I have FaceBook for social media — and they already make it a pain in the neck to see what I want -vs- what they think I want.  On Strava I just want to scroll through my friend's runs, and do it in order.

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  • silly unwanted feature, have option to switch to this view if you must, but keep the standard view as default. This is a bad decision, Facebook made the same mistake, and made it poorer for it. What about the stuff I miss because you've put other stuff in front/above it.

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  • Oh please ... no more phony bells and whistles from Strava. I'm sure there is no stopping this unasked for "improvement" so please just give us an easy option to default to a chronological feed. No offense to you Elle, you are outstanding, but this takes away control from the end user and in my case end payer as a Premium member.

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  • Not a fan of the new ordering in the feed.  Can you add an option to have the old linear order in the feed?


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  • Whatever you do, leave me the option to keep the feed in chronological order. 

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  • Agree with the above here... Give us an option to hide Zwift and "Indoor" workouts with no GPS data, that alone would make it easier to see the more fun stuff....

    And while you're at it, allow us to mark swims as "Races" already!!!!

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  • I'm not a fan of this, chronological order is better. A more useful update would be the ability to hide non-activities such as when people join challenges or create routes.

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  • Don't be a Facebook & instagram!

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  • No. Do not want. Please please please provide an option for chronological. PLEASE!

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  • Funny... Facebook, Twitter also did the same thing without anybody asking for it. And the same as with them it looks like your first release of this feed doesn't have the option to turn it off. Why? It is not that difficult to add an on/off switch.

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  • Agree with rchromatic. We should have options in how to sort/display the feed. Chronological is an important tool -- to find out where friends are that you just rode with (e.g., did they make it home?), or to help identify friends who might be interested in riding now since they didn't appear to ride with a group immediately beforehand, etc. Don't take this away, please.

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  • Ugh - Terrible decision.

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  • I'll add another comment to please make this optional. Allow us to turn off this feature.

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  • Not for nothing, but after the whole "white screen" debacle I'm at a loss for why you all are determined to make major changes without including preference settings.  How hard is it to include an "off" button?

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  • Not a fan and an unwelcome update:

    • I spend more time trying to find an activity that I want to see
    • Activities from people I maybe don't care about as much seem to find their way to the to the top. The algorithm is wonky.
    • At a minimum if you want to move to algorithm-based sorting, offer a choice of how to sort or assign 'priority' athletes I want to see first

    I hate this in FB, Instagram and now Strava.  Don't follow that path! Give users an option of how they want to view and sort their feed.

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  • Just because it's 2017 doesn't mean everything has to have a goddamn algorithm attached to it. Just let the feed do its job, chronologically. No one wants this.

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  • Not what we asked for. You can't possibly figure out what I want to see; not based on kudos, or PR's for certain. This is what the (now eliminated) emails did: A neat summary at the end of the day without all the noise. One step back... I've been a bit worried about the direction of strava over the past half year or so. Feeling miffed that I just renewed for a year.

    I've stopped using the app to check feed because of this, but in Firefox I can override your css to eliminate the garbage (monthly "challenges", and promotions) you put at the top of the feed. Haven't figured out how to thwart the algorithm yet, without switching to chrome with a plugin. May have to do that.

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  • Please keep the chronological option, don't become like Facebook and Twitter!

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  • You people are seriously working on losing another premium subscriber. Why do you get to decide what I think is important? How do you know that the little old man living down the street riding 10 miles (and the conversation it generates) is less important to me than a gear head friend riding 100 miles? Stop fixing what ain't broken and give us stuff we've been asking about for years, like private messaging and the ability to start our week on Sundays...

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  • Please give us the ability to view the feed either chronologically or in the new way.

    I'm not a fan of feeds that aren't chronological, I never know what I've seen and what I've missed.

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  • Please don't decide for me what is more interesting. It sounds really messy. Do most Strava users follow that many athletes that this will actually make any sense? I have no problem scrolling down until reaching activities I have seen before. Seeing which of my friends were active today, yesterday, and so on makes a lot of sense for a social training log. 

    In this way you would show me a prominent athlete with lots of kudos & comments over, say, my best friend who just ran one of her rare and minimally logged runs - which I never never want to miss so I can give her kudos and a comment. 

    I can see that I will be scrolling up and down but never be quite sure I don't miss my good friend's activity. Perhaps I'll unfollow the more profiled athletes, just to clean my feed up.  

    I'm also very uninterested in challenges etc. showing up in the feed, especially the ones I join myself that are auto-posted. So +1 to a filter feature for that. 

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