route builder on mobile

Would be great to be able to create a route in in the mobile app. Specially when you don't have access to a laptop (on the road, holiday)



  • Add the ability to send a route to a bike computer and it would be perfect.

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  • At the time my comment was posted, Strava routes weren't widely available.

    The functionality is now available on Garmin as well.

    That said ... I think t would be useful if the route could be exported as a GPX or TCX file on mobile devices so they can easily be shared.

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  • It is a nice feature that you can create a route in the Strava App. Hopefully this wil come out.


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  • I've tonight actually created a couple of routes really easily on my mobile by accessing the Strava course creator on its website - you just need to bypass the app and go via your browser. It recommends you to use your pc/laptop but worked pretty well for me! Appeared immediately on my Edge 520 ready to download.

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  • +1 for this feature, along with fitness + freshness.

    I'm actually looking into buying a laptop for the sole purpose of creating strava routes!

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