New Strava app for Apple Watch to support Series 2+

We are excited to release an updated Strava app which supports standalone recording using the built-in GPS of the Apple Watch Series 2+. 

Please note: To support the GPS in the Apple Watch Series 2+, we redesigned the app to work separately from the phone. Even if your watch still connects to the GPS from your phone, the app functions independently on the watch.

If you're experiencing technical troubles installing, recording, or syncing Apple Watch activities, please contact us directly by submitting a ticket at the bottom of this post. 

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  • Hello! Please add a segment button. Double tap, or side button.. something. Using the strava app, even when I stop the run in between repeats, it includes the times of my break in the segments on the web, and my splits are ridiculous.

  • I'm really struggling to figure out whether to use the watch or phone to record runs - my main goal for buying the AppleWatch was to include HR interval training on my trail runs. Seemed easy but there are warring priorities that I haven't been able to reconcile. 

    Recording on Watch

    - records HR with run, can view when uploaded to Strava website/phone app

    -no beacon ability, I run in the woods - this is a BIG issue

    -no audio cues 

    -tiny HR display can barely read it 

    Recording on Phone

    -get beacon

    -get audio

    -can view HR with other AppleWatch app

    -no HR record when uploaded to web/app - WTH? 


    Really frustrated!

  • Wow .. yet another release and still no voice feedback.

    This is the one feature that keeps me from utilizing the Strava Apple Watch 2 app.

    Not sure why it is taking so long as many other standalone AW2 apps have this feature.  You would think Strava's developers could have it implemented by now.

    For anyone developing a AW2 running app .. please know that voice feedback should be implemented from the first release.  It is impractical, and difficult to view the AW screen while running and voice feedback eliminates the need.

    Also .. PLEASE STRAVA give us more feedback options than on the iPhone app.  Feedback needs to be more frequent than just at the .5 and 1.0 mile mark.  Other apps give you the option for feedback as frequently as every minute or tenth of mile. 

  • Why are you bumping major versions for bug fixes!? I've already canceled my membership but I keep coming back here with the slight hope you've corrected any of the MANY issues this community is handing to you on a platter. Yours truly, a frustrated ex-user

  • Ok first what I like with my Apple Watch 2 is that the synching to the iPhone app has worked quite well.  Also the fact that the Apple Activity app reads Strava activity as a workout is plus over Endomondo.  

    What perplexes me is two aspects of the app.  

    First, the app dims when stopped.  WHY?  That is the most reasonable time to view your progress.  And the safest.  One knows they are paused and if they have set the app to auto-pause you assume the app is doing so.  PLEASE change this in the next version.  This can't be hard to do.  Others have requested this I see.  

    Second, why is speed the metric with the largest display?  Strava it's unsafe to encourage people to look at speed on a watch. Like I am going to take my hand off the bars while descending Mt. Evans, CO to check my speed?  I would argue that speed is the least relevant metric.  Time elapsed and miles covered make sense.  

    What about calories?  To me that might get me ride longer, or faster? 

    I would suggest elevation gain but many might be riding in flat areas.  Which raises the question, why can't the user decide just like they can on the Endomondo iPhone app what are some of the features to display.  

    The Apple Watch Workout app shows time elapsed, avg MPH, Heart rate, Distance and Active Calories and you can choose which one to highlight by turning the digital crown.  

    I like Strava for a variety of reasons but honestly the Apple Watch app is far more useful at this point which causes me to not use Strava at all.

    I keep hoping for an update and I am posting here to encourage Strava to rethink its apple watch display.  I noted some people would like heartrate more prominently displayed.   Please give it some thought. 

  • I'd like to see some sort of indication that the watch/app has GPS signal before starting a run/ride.  Runkeeper does it so should be possible.  My first few runs started OK using the app, but my last one evidently didn't record location until I was a few blocks from my starting point.

  • I tend to run without my phone and on my past few runs I've noticed an issue when I get home and sync my activities; I'm consistently losing about 20 seconds of my workout! 

    This happened last week when I ran a timed 5K race. When I stopped the watch, it said I'd done it in 29.10 but when the activity synced with the phone, the time changed to 29.33. Official chip time was 29.12. 

    This morning I went out with my husband and we ended the run at 30.10 on the watch. Once I'd synced, the time changed to 29.48. Meanwhile his Strava app says he ran for 30.14. I was running in front, yet my average km is 5.58 and his is 5.40.

    This might seem like a small thing but it's a bit demoralising. Can anything be done to fix this? It seems like a relatively new issue (for me at least). 

  • @Strava you were writing something about doing research about using iphone as second screen with apple watch later this summer. Is is happening? I would love to take part of it because as a cyclist I hate that you divided iphone and watch app. I was using apple watch for the hear rate and iphone for navigation. I was premium users before, not anymore. Is is only up to you if I come back to premium or leave Strava for good. 

    It would be at least polite to reply your customers. You are being quiet for a few months. That is not fair! 

  • Hi, Strava! I love you guys, and I especially love the Apple Watch integration, and switched over to Strava as my main activity tracker on account of it. So great to leave my phone at home and still get gps and heartrate info using the same watch I wear all the time. Living in the future. Aw yes. Unfortunately, for the past couple of months, I've had a lot of problems with the first mile or two of my runs getting uploaded incorrectly to my phone.

    During the run, everything seems fine and accurate, according to the real-time split updates. When I get home and check the uploaded data however, the start point of my run will be way off, and the recorded time for my first mile or 2 will be something broken, like 2 or 3 minutes (or even 0:00), and the second mile will often be obscenely long. What's weird is that the overall average pace still seems correct, and matches what I saw during the rest of the run. Also, the number of splits is correct, but the overall length of the run doesn't match the number of splits. It's a bummer, because I have to delete the entire activity (and say goodbye to any PR segment recordings, etc) so as not to throw off my overall stats. 

    What's going on here, and is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening? I used to think it had to do with starting my run while still within range of my phone, causing some errors based on the app mixing the data from my stationary phone into the recording, but I've been careful to only start the watch app once I'm out of range for the past month or so. Still, there's at least a 50/50 chance that I will have to delete each of my watch-recorded activities because of this. 

    Uploading a few screengrabs to show what I'm talking about. Even without knowing anything about each run, I think it's pretty clear what's going on in the pictures. Broken split times for the first mile or two, map data that doesn't cover the indicated distance, and (often, but not always) distance data that doesn't match the number of splits.

    Please advise, and thanks for being awesome. -Jon

  • app seems broken, start button does nothing.

  • When I try to use the standalone Apple Watch app, unless I take the iPhone with me I get a message at the end of my run saying No Motion Detected and not allowing me to save - even though the watch is showing the distance and time run.

  • The iPhone app and Watch app should be synced no matter which one you start your ride with, I have my phone mounted on my bike so I can see live segments etc, but meanwhile my watch does not record heart rate for my suffer score. What's the point of having watch compatibility?!

    I have a series 1 watch.

  • Oil petit, you nailed it... I cancelled my subscription because of this... I now am a free subscriber, start a strava session on my watch before riding, and use another app so I can have wheel speed sensor display my speeed on my handle bars. Why strava has yet to support wheel speed sensors is beyond me, let alone really messing up the app with the AW2 roll out...

  • Love the watch app, records really accurately but i wish when i started on the watch it would display current activity on the iPhone app, its not convenient to check speed and distance on the watch when cycling in London traffic. Many cyclist fit their iPhone to the cross bars as a quick and large display or for following routes. Can't do this if they are entirely independent!


    Please make this possible, its a good safety issue too! 

  • I'm tired of trying to run with Strava on my AW2, 'cause when I open Strava watch app, it says to me to open my iPhone app, maybe to sync or whatever!

    If I want to run only with the watch, why should I bring the iPhone with me???

    So, in many cases like that one, the watch app just does not allow me to record!

    Shame on you, Strava!!!

    So, so disappointing!

    Why do you start that bullshit right now? We haven't had that problem in the earlier versions.

  • Your article on the Watch Strava app was misinformed -- there is no "open" option when I go to My Watch and the Strava app.

    Also, I can't use Strava Watch app on my Series 2 Watch -- I open it on my Watch and it just spins and quits every time. I've reinstalled the app, reset the Watch, and logged in and out of my Strava iPhone app multiple times.

    What gives? (I'm also running latest iOS and WatchOS)

  • I'm finding the watch app on series 2 problematic. Unless I carry the phone too, I'm missing the first quarter mile of each run.

    Today, I left the phone well out of range for a park run (5k). It seemed to be recording ok, with 5km and 22 minutes recorded at the end. However, on transfer to the phone app, the distance stayed as 5km but the time dropped to 9 minutes. The route trace only showed the last 2km. Hugely disappointing, but makes me wonder now whether all my runs which have missed the first quarter mile have received time doping too. Very disappointing.

  • Hi,

    I thought Strava was great, been using it for about two years.

    Very irritated, though, that the Apple watch and phone apps no longer sync and that if you start a run/cycle on the watch, you cannot get audio feedback (mile/pacing etc).  I find that audible update really useful but if I have that, the watch is essentially obsolete because it does not show the workout recording on my phone.

    I don't care if this means I could run without my phone - I need anyway that for the music and google maps when I get lost!

    please bring that function back!

  • Super frustrating app. Rides aren't syncing accurately, and I can't force re-sync an activity. Ride is listed as 37.8 miles on my AW but only shows up when synced as 25.6 miles. Doesn't make any sense, isn't the first time that it's been inconsistent.

    Super unreliable. Not going to use this app any more.

  • Hi Elle!

    The Apple watch app is almost perfect. I really miss the mile/km announcement trough speach or taptic vibration.

    Is this comming in a new update later on?

  • I have an odd issue that occasionally I get the haptic/sound ping notification for splits, and sometimes I don't. I have no idea what causes it to come, or go. I would really like to always be notified, rather than to just miraculously look down at my watch at exactly the right moment.

  • Rumors say a new Apple watch with LTE will be released soon, maybe even this year.
    I'm wondering what will happen with the Strava-App. Will they start all over again programming a new app?
    LTE means you have Internet-connection. So segments and beacons would be possible standalone.

  • Would it be possible to have the either the apple watch app and/or the iPhone app gather Apple Watch 2 heart rate data and my power meter data at the same time?

    It seems a little absurd a cycling app can't record power meter data and AW2 heart rate data at the same time. I'm pretty bummed with the changes that came with the standalone AW2 app.

  • I just switched to Strava after being a Runkeeper user for years. (I recently bought a road bike and mostly just running and wanted a better app for tracking cycling.)

    On Runkeeper for Apple watch there are two modes of operation. "Watch Only" or "Watch + Phone". I wish Strava could also support the second option.

    I run with my phone because I like to listen to audio books and apple watch doesn't support this. I also like the security of being able to call people in an emergency. However, I also like to be able to view stats about my run on my watch, so I can keep my phone in my belt pocket. 

    I previously had this setup when using my Runkeeper with my Pebble Time and kit was great. I could start/pause a run from my watch and see heart rate, distance etc. but the main work was being done on the phone in my pocket.

    The other reason for wanting a Apple watch to act solely as a remote for what is happening on the phone is that I can also then take advantage of the sensors paired with my iPhone (chest HRM, cadence, foot pot etc.). Since Strava only supports these with the phone app I can't get the same data with my watch on its own currently.

    Please can you add this!

  • Really dumb design choice separating this.  No HUD from the phone while also getting HR information from the watch? I'll be looking for a different application to track my rides.

  • I am getting erroneous distance measurements consistently on the Apple Watch. I have a series 2. It auto pauses when I am running and consistently lags recording distances at the beginning of the run by about 2/10 of a mile. Nike Running app and Apple's built in record this correctly.

  • Strava, it is shocking that you're not interacting with the members of this forum when you're being provided with free, invaluable feedback. These are your customers, your app, your platform, your forum.. and you can't reply? Sort it out.

    For what it's worth, I suspect that Strava won't do much with the app now until iOS 11/WatchOS 4 are released. The key thing with these releases is the much more open HealthKit integration. This makes the development of fitness tracking apps much easier and the sharing of stats between health apps seamless. While it's unreasonable to expect a thorough development roadmap from Strava, it's a shame that Strava CBA communicating simple stuff like this to their customers, preferring instead toflat-out ignoring them. Slow clap. Kudos.





    And can we have a satellite located alert as runs are not tracking correctly 


  • Why is it that support still remains broken for Apple Watch 1?

  • I found some tips and tricks for Apple Watch Battery Improvement

    • Reboot/Restart Apple Watch
    • Set the background of the display “BLACK”
    • New WatchOS4: Disable Auto detect GYM equipment
    • Power Reserve Mode

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