Make it possible to categorize strava friends on the activity feed.

For instance, have an "inner circle" with people you want to pay extra attention to...



  • Here here, I'm sooo with you Jon! Yes Strava, bring this on. Just like Facebook has the ability to stay friends with friends, but hide some of their rambling and incessant posts. Strava should adopt the same sort of filtering system so we don't have to endure and scroll through the clogged activity feed filled with, "Walk dog to Park", Walk dog whist at the Park", Walk dog home from Park", "Warm-up", "Cool down", "Cool down from the Cool down", "Walk to Yoga", "Yoga warm up", "Yoga", "Yoga Cool down", "Yoga Coffee post Yoga", "Jog home from Yoga" etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. I know it is easy to "unfollow" some of these vexing people, but a social site like Strava and the relationships within are most of the time friends, employers, employees and so on and giving them the boot may have business and personal consequences. It's just easier to hide them from the feed.

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  • This would be amazing.  There's so much clutter in the feed. Would love to have it customized.

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