"Too fast" pace and distance data discrepancies

I went for a run yesterday and recorded the run with my Garmin Fenix 3 HR.


I was running with a friend who recorded the run with his Garmin Forerunner 230.


We ran side by side the entire run.

In Garmin Connect - this run is shown as shorter and with correct "moving time" and "elapsed time" I am happy to email you the .gpx file. - https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/1582333209

Specifically, from 14.7k to 15.2k the Strava activity shows me running in the range of an unrealistic 1:00min/k pace. At the same distances in Garmin Connect, these errors do not occur and my correct pace is shown. So the watch recorded the data correctly. Strava software inserted the "bugs" on import.

I have had runs in the past with similar issues, so thought it was time I asked the question.

I also "flagged" this run - which took me off several leaderboards that I like being on. I wasn't sure what the deal with flagging was. Anyway I would appreciate the run being "unflagged" even if the issues cannot be resolved as the overall distance is not way off and is, at the end of the day, the most important stat to me.

Hope this helps resolve what seems to be an ongong issue.



  • These workarounds don't work:
    1) recalculating distance may correct distance, but in case of error pace will be much more overrated. For example a 6km run at 5'/km was uploaded as 4:20 before and 3:11/km after recalculation. But this happens only when pace is initially overrated, if it's ok also distance calculation is good

    2) Flag activity as a race is a workaround only if I don't stop, else pace will be worser than real

    BTW Suunto Ambit3 disappointed me, the only good thing is I bought it in a black friday at half price

  • Suunto to Strava used to work fine - what changed? Did Suunto change the way they record data?  

  • I have the same problem I have Suunto Ambit3. Movescount shows the time correctly then once transported to Strava it cuts the time. It looks I am super rapid haha. Is there a solution yet? Don't want to waste time to export every activity as GPX file or mark it as a race.

  • Joanna I did get an email from Suunto this morning to say that the Movescount app is being slowly discontinued and the new Suunto App will replace it. Maybe that will solve our issues as mine is also still ongoing using Movescount as well.


  • Moving to the app won't help. The problem is on Strava side that doesn't parse Suunto FIT files correctly and ends up cutting datapoints where Suunto doesn't specify new ccoordinate. So in short some Suunto datapoints may contain only HR and elevation, but not a new position or speed, and Strava treats those as if you were stopping.

    If you are an Ambit3 user moving to the new app will result in losing a lot of functionality such as sport mode customization, uploading structured workouts, or uploading routes.

  • My problem is rather weird.  My friend shared his activity of a half marathon distance we both did together.  I accepted the share and when it appears on my account, although the distance is correct, and the map is correct, it has taken more than 2  hours off the time!  Any ideas anyone?

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