Biked 26 miles but Strava showed 2,939 miles

I biked 26 miles today and was surprised that Strava showed I biked 2,939 miles.  This is very weird.  Is there a way to fix the milage?



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  • The problem isn't Strava - well not the website anyway, i'll be crap data from the device used at the time.

    What device did you use?

    This used to be a problem with some bike computers that when they couldn't get a fix rather had to use something as a start point. So they either used 0.000000 by 0.000000 or your last known gps position.

    Do you have a dodgy point on your ride map anywhere?

    What can you do (if you have a dodgy point), open the GPX file and correct the the point (you can use notepad for this) or try uploading it again or dump it and just add a manual activity to strava and hope it doesn't happen again.

    If you are using a Garmin (I expect most other computers offer this) make sure your GPS is set to use GPS and GLONASS signals, it'll drink more battery but will offer better position tracking and a faster position fix.


    best of luck.

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