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Cycling has Zwift and similar services, so people can cycle on indoor trainers using virtual courses which then show the route on the GPS information on Strava.

@C2_2_Strava at p729.com has come up with a way of syncing indoor rows to Strava in a similar way. Using the Concept2 rowing machine and its online logbook rows are synced via C2_2_Strava to Strava. Using a gowing number of real world actual rowing race courses the row is then overlaid to show on Strava as having been done a long a virtual river.

The sport option 'Rowing' with the 'Indoor' tick box clicked hides the GPS data so the cool overlaid course and virtual leader board times disappear. Currently the rows have to be set as Virtual rides, not too much of an issue because cyclists don't normally travel across water, even in the virtual world.

To make the most of this and let it stand out there should be a 'Virtual Row' option.



  • Thanks - I've had a look at the p729.com website and I'll give the virtual overlay a go. As someone who does a lot of cycling, concept 2 AND actual on the water rowing, I have a couple of questions:

    Are there any plans to replicate the awesome job done by Zwift? Concept2 is sooo dull but having a virtual world to row in would make a key difference - RowPro/Oarbits is the closest yet, but it's like space invaders v call of duty when compared to the Zwift model

    Second question: can I log my rowing outings (speed, SPM, 500 splits etc in real time on the boat using Strava?


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  • Rob I am not the creator of C2_2_Strava, I know the guy that made it rows on his concept2 using Zwift. So its like he is going along on a virtual bike but using the power and speed that the rower is creating.

    The Strava app does not record any activity other than Running and Cycling so no there is no simple way to use Strava in the boat measuring SPM or 500m split. Obviously the app shows speed, it may show split based on 1000m so if good at dividing by two whilst rowing that would give you 500m split. Cycling cadence sensors have been modified to measure the seat moving up and down for SPM not sure which ones are compatible with the Strava app.

    Garmin watches seem to be good for measuring stroke rate on a rowers wrist.

    I log my on the water rows with the CrewNerd app I can then email the workout file to www.rowsandall.com where I can sync it to Strava. SweetZpot may have a stroke rate app soon that can direct sync a workout to Strava, their Oar power meter needs to come out before they update the app possibly adding this feature.

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  • Hi - I'm the creator of C2_2_Strava / p729.com. Having the 'Virtual Row' activity option would be a great feature to have. What is the process to make this happen, or is there a way to find out if the suggestion has been considered and/or implemented?

    As for Concept 2 and Zwift  I do find that 'rowing' as a virtual cyclist does work quite well. At first it seems odd, but after a few sessions it makes a lot of sense, the C2 (and human) is essentially an engine and at the simplest level provides a power output, just like using Zwift with my turbo.

    It also adds more variety to each session with the option to push hard (hills), ease off (downhill) and to chase down other 'cyclists'. As well as getting in behind a cyclist and drafting or maintaining power to keep up with them.  It is not a ideal structured training session with intervals, but certainly makes a time or distance target session pass by more quickly.


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  • Andrew F - I've read the excellent summary you wrote on P729.com regarding your efforts to link C2 to Zwift - beyond my skills I'm afraid - I had something simpler in mind, and closer to RowPro, i.e. a straight course over a specified distance on, say, the Thames but with the added benefit of the Zwift graphics, attention to detail etc. I'm keen to follow this up as I'm sure there are enough rowers out there who would give anything to make their ergo sessions more interesting! Btw if you haven't seen it, it's worthwhile looking at RowPro - they very successfully translate the stroke onto pc...

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  • I wish all you folks out there trying to make indoor rowing more interesting like zwift integration or RowPro more grease to your elbow. Please keep up the effort to make workout on the ergo as interesting as zwifting indoors on your cycling trainer within a community of fellow zwifters.

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  • I'm considering the purchase of a rowing machine, would love to see Zwift add rowing as a sport. There was a Zwift podcast where Eric Min mentioned rowing but there doesn't appear to be any updates from Zwift on rowing so not sure if it's going to happen. It certainly seems that creating virtual rowing courses would be very simple compared to virtual riding courses as there is no change in elevation etc.

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  • Reading on from the forum post, i'm wondering if any of you might be able to help. I have taken a liking to rowing recently and wish to attempt a rowing challenge between Dover and Calais (30.9 miles). 

    I wish to raise money for charity whilst doing so and give viewers and donors a chance to view my progress whilst i row across the two points. Is there a map simulator i could potentially use or guidance i can follow to create a live simulation?


    Thank you in advance

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