Fitness Freshness for runners seems far too high

Thank you for adding the feature for runs, but the calculation seems far too generous compared to the Training Impulse calculation for cycling. A Training Impulse of 100 for a 1 hour effort = 100% effort. The new Strava running calculation makes it too easy to exceed this number.

A run of 1.5 hours just got a 298 score. No way this is correct. Physically impossible.



  • Agreed : gives a training impulse of 295 when "running" is selected, and only 138 when changing activity type for "cycling".

    StravistiX Chrome plugin gives 276 in both cases, and TrainingPeaks does the same : no difference between run and cycle (and ski and whatever...)

    This is one of the 3 reasons why I will not renew my premium account.

    2 other reasons are :

    - heatmap is not usable for OSM mapping anymore (limited to zoom 12)

    - heatmap is not reachable through TMS server for external mapping tools and Strava route builder does not display heatmap correctly

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  • Well I forgot a 4th reason :

    - use of outdated maps from Mapbox

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