Ukrainian and other localization or internationalization

A year ago I posted a request concerning Ukrainian translation of the Strava. This request got 161 votes and then suddenly dissappered from the New feature ideas. I suppose that Strava support people should explain this gesture.

Anyway, I will request again and again, that me and several million Ukrainian users need Ukrainian localization for the Strava application (at least), and for the web interface.

Despite other projects localization of Strava takes ages! I would like to appeal to other people for support of my request.



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    I apologize again for the mysteriously deleted former post about Ukrainian translation for Strava. After contacting the company that hosts this community, I have learned that it is not possible to determine what happened to that page - if it was deleted or removed some other way. 

    Thanks for your continued feedback, and know that we are monitoring this discussion. 

  • Прошу голосувати за МІЙ ОСНОВНИЙ ПОЧАТКОВИЙ пост вверху!!! Тільки ці голоси враховуються.

    Please vote for my INITIAL post above!!! Only these votes are taken into account.

  • I want to let new visitors to this request know that I'm investigating what happened to the previous and very popular post on Ukrainian translation for Strava. Thanks for your patience! 

  • Дайте українську Strava !

  • I voted for previous Yarema's request about Ukrainian translation and I want to know what happened with it.
    I hope, I'll have a possibility to use Strava in Ukrainian. :)

  • Це ж 21 століття, у розробників не мало б бути проблем з інтернаціоналізацією у вік повальної глобалізації.

  • I hope, I'll have a possibility to use Strava in Ukrainian. ;)

  • I need Ukrainian Strava

  • I think that it’s really good idea because there are a lot of people who need Ukrainian translation of the Strava and I hope that this request will be taken into account.

  • Шановні розробники Страва, прошу українізувати ваше програмне забезпечення для користувачів з потребами української мови. З повагою, Сергій Попов. Страва атлет

  • I support Ukrainian translation of this program. 

  • All of us are waiting for Ukrainian Strava :)

  • Однозначно ТАК!

  • It will be great to see Ukrainian translation here

  • Strava in Ukrainian it's a good idea!

  • Strava must have Ukrainian language

  • I can help with creation of Ukranian localization for Strava, except voice :). It will take me approx 2 weeks.

  • It will be a great to use Strava in Ukrainian.
  • +1

  • good idea!!! I'm ready to do some work if necessary to make Ukrainian transation. 

  • +1

  • I need Ukrainian Strava. Thanks

  • хочу бачити інтерфейс мовою 50 мільйонів моїх співвітчизників!

  • Strava, please make Ukrainian version,
    thank you.

  • I can't live without Ukranian Strava. Help me!

  • Підтримую!!!!

  • I need Ukrainian Strava!!!

  • I'm loving you application!! But I am Ukrainian!!! Russia is against Ukraine hybrid war (((((. So please do not ignore more than 40 million Ukrainian citizens. it's not so hard if you show respect.

  • Дуже вдячний Яремі за ідею перекладу на українську мову.

  • It will be very nice to have Ukrainian localization of Strava

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