Power Curve and Lap power average don't match


Did a sweet spot workout the other day and when looking at my lap avarage power and my power curve for this workout the numbers don't add up. Idea was to get 60 consecutive minutes @ 320 watts. I pressed lap a couple of times just to keep track of where my average was throughout the workout.

Looking at the lap 2-5 avarage power no lap is below 317W and the total lap duration is above 60 minutes. 

Looking at the Power Curve for the same ride 60 minutes equals to 312W.

I imported the same ride to Garmin Connect and to Golden Cheetah and they also show the same numbers. I just can't seem to get my head around this.

Any ideas?

Best regards from a freezing Sweden :-)



  • It's a strange curve too! It says you can hold 300 watts for 38 minutes and 312 watts for 60 minutes.. I don't get it :)

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  • I am afraid I don't have an answer for you... only the same kind of issue; lap average power showing significantly higher than the equivalent duration on the power curve. Will post back if I find anything.

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