Record Apple Watch HR with iPhone app

I like the new standalone app for the Apple Watch series 2 but the GPS signal is not as good as the iPhone.

While biking in the mountains the watch loses the signal. 

I would like to use the iPhone as GPS and use the Apple Watch for the heart rate.

Is this possible?




  • I recently bought an Apple Watch Series 5. I’ve always used the up iPhone app to track my rides but started using the watch because of the HR feature.

    Today I went for a ride completely forgetting to use the watch, and through habit, recorded using my iPhone. I got home before I realised, but assumed that because I was wearing my watch it would have still recorded my HR.

    I looked on my activity page and it hasn’t recorded. Which is how I came across this thread.

    I CANNOT believe that this feature isn’t possible. Other apps do it. How difficult is it to get iPhone Strava to connect to Apple Watch Strava, connected via Bluetooth, logged into the same Strava account to talk to each other and say ‘activity begins on iPhone, activate HR monitor on Apple Watch’?

    Come on Strava, this is such an in-demand feature and an obvious miss on your part. The GPS on the watch isn’t as accurate as on the phone so this is actually quite an important feature.

    Pretty much all of the apps I use on my watch mirror what is happening on my phone. It is possible.

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  • Hi,
    One possibility for this problem could be in Iphone Strava app install a fonction that it fusion double recording off an activity done with bold in same time... Could be the simple way to do it... For myself I use both in same time for the segments on Iphone App and Apple wath App for the heart rate and delete one of them after...

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  • This is absolutely disgusting from Strava being the so called “leaders” and simply ignore so many unhappy customers.

    Just another not renewing my “premium” account.

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