Add percentile (of all time) to segment list

Other posts have mentioned percentiles, but I specifically would llove to see it on the segment list of each of my activities (this would be an easy way to see which were your "best" segments).   Eg., Some long rides have like 50+ segments and the list can be overwhelming.

For this I would envision using the "All time" %'ile.  Perhaps highlight or color the percentile based on how good it is.  

I find myself clicking into each segment to find my best.  Vanity, perhaps.  But I'll take my motivation anyway I can get it.


Segment               %ile

Segment XYZ        84%

ABC Segment        96%

Big Ol Hill              99%

Koppenberg            21%





  • Similarly, I would like to see percentiles for the monthly distance challenges.


    Knowing I am x miles behind the leader is utterly useless, knowing I am in the nth percentile would be MUCH more useful and interesting.


    Sadly Strava seem to have no interest whatsoever in providing any useful stats for anything.

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  • Agree.

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  • Agree, percentile should be on "My Segments".  Vanity forces me to make a spread sheet (10+- pages now) in order to compile my stats, especially percentile, the most important stat. It should also be used to compile your best results to be posted to the 'Top Results'  tab on our profile page - oh, wait, they have not given us a 'Top Results' tab yet. Pretty please!!! (Top 20/30 …………..)

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