Reorganise routes

You currently can't reorder all the routes you create which is frustrating when planning long trips.  This seems so simple to do and should be standard I think



  • Yes! Yes! Yes! The ability to organize, sort, and place into folders, seems like such a simple thing to ask for. Why doesn't Strava even acknowledge that we, your Premium Community, is asking for this...?

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  • I think routes have a lot of potential, unfortunately it's a feature that not many people use due to the lack of folders to organize them. It'll be also great to sort them in many different ways (name, lenght, elevation, etc). Pleeeeease add this feature!

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  • Hey everybody - I'm updating an existing app of mine to add some "missing" Strava features, and the first one I worked on was organizing/sorting/searching routes. You can check it out here:

    What you can do:

    See all your routes in table that can be instantly sorted, filtered, and searched

    Organize your routes using tags, so you can quickly find routes of a certain type of that have certain features.

    Check out your route details, add/remove tags, or take a look at the route on Strava

    So check it out and let me know if there are any features I'm missing. Thanks!

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  • Yes please to above suggestions.

    But first and very trivial to implement would be an "order by name" as well as  current "order by created date" .

    This would at least allow us to use a naming convention to locate routes.   

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