Export training plans to iCal and Google Calendar

I would love to be able to export my training plan to iCal or my Google Calendar, and have the daily workout reminder visible right there next to the rest of my commitments



  • I searched to see if this was an option as it is with other training programs (not Strava) and I could not find anything.  After seeing this post and others related to the same subject, I would like to see this added as well and to see it happen relatively soon.  Thank you for bringing it up Mike!

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  • Hi,


    There are some interesting Strava connection applets at https://ifttt.com/search/query/strava.


    However I could not find one that exports a Strava training plan (not existing activity) to a calendar.


    Anyone know of one? Thanks in advance!

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  • Thank you Christopher G. I had not thought of that work around! 

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