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I started syncing Garmin Connect with Strava, but my distances are not accurately transferring over. My running route in the morning is 3.18 miles, give or take, and now it shows all of those as only 3.1 miles (Not even rounding up, for some reason, is the algorithm not working?), My list of activities therefore shows all these runs as simply 3.1 miles, making it look like the added time is simply my 3.1 mile time, making me seem much slower. Is there a way to add the next decimal space? Unlike what some had said, it is still WELL WITHIN the realm of GPS accuracy, so that´s not it.




  • I might add that personally I use a stride sensor (Stryd) so the precision is largely superior to the GPS.

    I do 400m segments and it saddens me to see 0.3k laps in my activities when really it should be something like 0.395k give or take.

    So if you could display distance precision to the meter it would be super nice!

    Thank you.

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  • As I understand it, Strava doesn't take the distance number from Garmin Connect. Instead, Strava re-analyzes the GPS data and calculates the distance itself. I've seen similar occurrences on my own activities, though rarely Strava's distance is greater than Garmin's. My guess is that Strava's noise filter is slightly more aggressive than Garmin's.

    There was a bug a couple years ago when it systematically shaved 0.1 miles off of every activity, but that was fixed, as far as I know.

    I don't work for Strava, so I haven't looked under the hood, but that's my impression of how it works.

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  • I can respect their (and yours) of what would be a good 'significant digit' to truncate to.   I can also respect them NOT rounding... since if you run a very fast .9567 miles.... that is not a fast MILE.   So it shouldn't be rounded to 1.0....  

    Actual accuracy with 90° turns, swerves, stop/go, turn arounds, and such.... Is often NOT within  <1% error a good bit of time  (.01 is 1% of  1.000 mile (5280feet....   .01 is 52.8feet)).      When doing a 10-100 mile activity.... that second decimal place DEFINITELY becomes garbage/noise data.

    Try standing still for a 5-10 minute activity.... then zoom in to the activity map.... noisy location!

    Or look at an activity path through a city or wooded path.... ?   

    Solution.... go the extra .02-.03mi....takes some getting used to....but its good, more miles  :-)

    Although, now that I am doing more interval training outside... it is complicating things.   Since my 1km end up being just .6mi.... even though I log even an extra bit (~.65mi)... lessens pace per interval.    

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  • Question is: does it calculate your avg. pace based on this rounded-down distance? 

    I also believe that Brian Ogilvie's answer is correct, and Strava is recalculating how far it thinks you went based on the data supplied. 

    Also, do you have your Garmin set to "smart" recording, or do you force it to record data every second? If you only use "smart" recording your data might not be quite as accurate if you have curves and whatnot that you're doing. Try setting it to 1-second recording and see how this changes things.

    I'm a cyclist infinitely more than I am a runner, so whether I really went 32.25 miles or 32.2 miles matters little to me, but I can see if you are doing very short runs how that last .1 mile might make a difference to your ego or whatever.

    Keep in mind that gps accuracy isn't based on a rate of error, but rather an absolute error, so the longer you go, the more accurate it is. Try running 100-yard dashes using your gps and you'll be sorely disappointed in the accuracy, but go for a 100-mile ride and you'll be impressed with just how accurate it is.

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  • Any idea who we can reach out to at Strava to get the number of decimals changed?  You'd think it would be an easy fix and it is rather irritating.  Entering in times manually has the same rounding issues.  On a daily 4+ mile run the pace can differ by 20 or more seconds because of the rounding.

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  • I train with quarter mile or 400m increments. Not having this second decimal display forces me to use Nike+. Can you please add to 100th data?

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  • I assume you do this to simplify for typical bicycle distances. However many training plans for runners call for 800m x 400m rest as example. Can not measure without the added decimal.

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