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I commute to work by bike daily, 18 miles roundtrip.  Strava has made it more interesting.

some things to add for commuters

1) personal bests are not as meaningful when wind and temperature are ignored.  Those factors have to be highlighted, especially bikers who ride in the cold.  

2) headwinds or tailwinds make all the difference and they need to be factored in somehow.

3) Special alerts such as those found on WAZE would be great.  Fellow Chicagoan riders could inform others on that route of GLASS (often following car accidents), police activity, strange traffic configuration due to roadwork, etc.   or pleasant things like a new functional water fountain, or nesting falcons, or new bike paths.

the primary focus on athletes missed the regular Joe commuter issues.



Rob Dixon



  • For both 1 & 2, that's no different than any other ride logged on Strava.. unless I'm misunderstanding the request.

    For 3, I think that would be a BAD idea ... people reporting would be focusing on their phones and not on riding.  It's bad enough when a car driver fiddles with a phone ... it's worse when a cyclist does. (at least IMO)

    FWIW: I commute from the Schaumburg area to Villa Park once or twice a week.


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  • For number one I was thinking that Strava would add it based on say Google weather or some other direct weather app and that would be different. the rider would not have to add the weather information it would be inherent in the software. And for number 3 in terms of comments I Envision that to take place after the ride. Or when someone was stopped. I get your point about being distracted on the bike it can be an issue. But what I foresaw was something like a major change that someone would note once they finish the ride.

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