Rolling 12 months in My Stats

I would like to see my rolling 12 month stats in My Stats.  By having a rolling 12 months, I can see if I am meeting my goals. It would even be better to have the current and prior 12 month intervals to see how I do over time as of now.   Currently in My Stats, I can view the last 4 weeks, current year, past years, or all time.  But I don't know how I am doing over the past 12 months.  I would have to add up the current year and then somehow find the remainder of activities that date back to one year ago.  Not easily done.



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  • Absolutely. This would be a great premium feature. The rolling 12 month (rather than starting arbitrarily on Jan 1st), would be so motivating: Not only in stats like mileage/elevation/time/etc, but in fitness, and even in PR's.

    Throw in some relative mileage/fitness change/etc compared to your friends, and we have something else to compete on.

    I love stravistix tool, but still the year to date mileage is based on Jan 1st (not rolling 12 months which I agree is more meaningful).

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  • That tool is pretty cool for some analysis, in particular comparing yearly progress this year with previous years. 

    It does not do what Jim suggested above though, show a 'last 12 months' view which is comparable to the 'last 4 weeks' view. I don't want to have to use a browser plugin though...this could easily be a native function. 

    The data is there...I was able to piece it together by manually comparing data on Strava and the Stravistix plugin. Again though, make this a native function. Please.

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  • Great suggestion. If they can not add it stats then we could have this feature in Strava -> You -> See more of Your (Cureent Month/Year) stats -> then 1st graph would remain same which shows comparison with last month. Currently second graph is also showing same. I would appreciate if Strava can last 12 months graph in it with trendline.

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