Day of Week (hour) Heat Map

When using the Heat Map to build new cycling routes, I would like to propose the addition of filtering the Heat Map by the "Day of Week" and even by some type of "Hour Range".

This would provide:

  • Better insight into popular routes when group rides are regularly scheduled.
  • Remove the noise of daily commuter routes.
  • Help newcomers to the area find more targeted routes by excluding the other noise in the heat map.

Personally, I'm just getting back into cycling and do not really know the roads where I live very well (for cycling). And have found the Heat Maps immensely helpful; the drawback I keep running into is some of the more popular routes I end up on are mostly commuter routes. Being able to filter out this type of noise would be a fantastic addition to the route builder.

Thanks for listening! 



  • Just had this thought exactly...

    Googled it and here I am.



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  • Same for me. I travel frequently and often get my runs in a bit before 5am. Hourly helps give a better sense of safety as well. Thanks!

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