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Most folks I follow log every single ride / walk / whatever, which is killing me. I'd like to see their activities, but only those above let's say 10 miles. Or only their activities on the bike, etc. Or those activities where their average speed was above 15 mph on a bike. Etc. But mainly on distance - because I don't really care when people post activities of a few hundred feet up to a few miles only. Would be great if such filter mechanism could get implemented. Thanks!




  • I agree that there is too much trivial activity in my feed. Maybe exclude commutes, less than a certain distance etc. One thing I don't want to see is when people join a challenge.

    It would be really nice to highlight an activity that is not where someone normally rides.

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  • Totally agree as well.

    In fact we should be able to select whether we follow all their activities, just running, cycling etc., or don't show any activity at all! Sometimes we just want to follow the people and are not concerned about the activities. And even sometimes we just follow people back and don't care about the activities... got it?

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