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Clearly Strava is making a move toward a facebook approach.  This is isn't necessarily bad.  However, as part of this shift I wish Strava would consider an unfollow or mute option.  I'd like to remove some clutter from my feed without "unfriending" someone (since its facebook now).

Perhaps a favorites feed? Something that keeps the app friendly/social without making it a cluttered mess.



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    Looks like there is already a discussion happening at Mute an athlete you're following to hide them from your feed

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  • I agree that this would be a great feature. I would like to create group(s) by adding athletes I follow.

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  • I agree this would be useful

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  • I would also like to see this feature please.  There are a number of people who I may wish to check up on occasionally but not see their activity in my feed every day.  Also those who I don't have any interest in but feel it would be rude to unfollow them.

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