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Dear Strava,

As many already have mentioned and discussed in the community, their seems to be a high demand after customization in the Training Log. Many Strava users do a lot of other sports than “running” and “ cycling” and it would be great if it’s possible to choose the activities you want to show in the Training Log. I understand that more functionality requires hours of (research and ) development, but this has been in demand for several years and it seems that it’s so important that people are willing to upgrade to Premium…. Also when you start to record your activity you need to choose between “running” or “cycling” – more options is highly appreciated.

 I hope the training log will be updated with more functionality in the nearest future.

Best regards




  • another vote (fwiw) on this feature!

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  • ok so all the other activities have been added to training log. That's great but why did multiactivity days have to be expanded down like that so I can no longer see consecutive weeks  next to each other without big gaps. Is there a way to collapse them back up again? Really trashed this view for me.

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