Run split graph shows slower lap with shorter bar

I have the latest version 21.0.0 of the mobile app and splits graph shows slower lap with shorter bar: it used be the other way around, faster lap with shorter bar and that is how it is displayed in screenshots in app store. 



  • This makes no sense on the mobile app.

    If there are 2 schools of thought as to how to display why not give users a choice as to which way round they want to see it?

    This update seriously devalues the app in its current form. Please take the user feedback and resolve.

  • Steve, the problem is people view those bars as an indication of how quickly they ran a split, not how fast they ran them, it’s a quick and easy way to view the time taken for each split despite the fact the split is shown as speed. Therefore a longer split (longer time slower speed) should show a longer bar....

  • Strava, take a look at your mobile app version 22 screenshot in app store: faster pace is represented with shorter bar.  Isn't this false and misleading advertising then?

  • I agree: new system bad! I really miss the quick visual overview of my negative splits, when I manage them! 

    Time to give the Garmin app another whirl...

  • Comparing the logic behind the horizontal line graph showing pace OVER time with the bar graph showing INDIVIDUAL splits just doesn't make sense.  As time moves forward, your pace is either going up (a larger number) or it is going down (a smaller number) so it stands to reason that slower paces actually go up on the Y scale.

    Splits are different though.  Each split is unique and technically bears no relationship with the split before or after, it is merely a bar visually representing the time one mile or kilometer took.  The bar size actually represents TIME then and not speed/pace (which is what is going up & down on a line graph).  So if I run a mile in 5:00mins and then run a mile in 10:00mins, the bar representing my second split should be twice the size because it was twice the time.

    There should be no programmatic reason that splits cannot be displayed as they were previously while you maintain the current horizontal line graph for pace over time.

    Please change it back.

  • why is the post that I did last night "pending approval"???

  • This is fundamentally wrong and the rationalization in defense of it makes me question the judgment of the Strava product team. When I taught bar graphs to 9th graders in Algebra 1, a graph like this would be partial credit at best. Congrats on messing up a useful graph by applying a poor solution to a problem no one had.

  • Just another vote that this change is unhelpful - please change it back!

  • I Googled this because I was confused as to why the splits showed up like that, and I found this page. It seems like this format doesn’t work for many of us. Maybe there could be a choice of how to see the bars?

  • My biggest problem with this change is that if you have both fast and slow paces in one run, the slow paces all come out with the same size bar, at least on mobile. This is not an uncommon occurrence for trail or mountain runners. 

    Take Cat Bradley's recent R2R2R FKT:

    Her last 5.7 mile paces range from 16:40 to 21:00, but they all were displayed with the same width bar. That's definitely a problem, and I see it happen in almost every single run I do in the trails because of the varying paces.

  • It makes me question everything I know about data every time I look at it.

    Literally everyone I've spoken to about it thinks it's wrong. Does anyone actually support this change?

  • I wish I knew about this before updating my app because I wouldn't have updated it. Splits are supposed to show how much time I spent, not my average speed. And even if that works for some users, why not give us an option to pick which way we'd like to view?

  • Please change it back. The splits chart is useless now.

  • please change this back! the second column in the split graph says "Pace", and it makes me crazy that large number corresponding to shorter bar. also, the bar is not to scale. I wonder how slow I need to run to make the bar disappear? 

  • Agreed, Bob. The bars don't seem to be proportional. If you look at my comment, there is a screenshot example where paces ranging from 16:40 to 21:00 all have the same size bar, which looks to be the minimum size. 

    I could adjust in how I view these bars if they were actually properly proportional. 

  • So confusing and useless the new graph... going back to Garmin app until it is fixed

  • Nothing to add really. However, I hope that more comments make Strava change their mind faster. It is simple: pace is not speed. If you run faster, speed goes up and pace goes down. It makes no sense to show longer bars for shorter splits. All line and bar charts I know have (0,0) as the origin’s coordinates.

    @Strava: what would the coordinates of your origin be?

  • Please change this back to the original shorter bar = less time view, please.

  • The new way is awful. Please bring back the old graphs. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

  • I agree with all the comments above. It has taken me a while to find this post previously i thought Strava was broken :) 


    However i feel it makes no sense to me to show the Speed next to the Pace values.... which is how i interpret this change. Shorter bar(s) for longer time per KM 

    @Strava team please make this a setting in the app to give users flexibility to show relevant data. 


    I think I may go to the NEW Garmin Connect interface for analysis going forward if this is not remedied.




  • I'm in agreement with the other Strava users that have posted here. Faster pace should be represented by shorter graph line and not a longer one. Please reinstate the pre-October 2017 version.

  • Come on Strava, its obvious that the users preferred it the other way round... faster laps = shorter bar, SIMPLES! Please change it back!

  • Another vote to change it back from me. Or at least give the user the option in settings to choose

  • It's quite apparent that Strava isn't too concerned with our opinions.  This thread has more comments and upvotes than many others, yet there has been no communication beyond their initial response.

  • I've tweeted them asking them to #ReverseTheSplits its rubbish that they don't even respond 

  • Chiming in to say I agree. This “issue” has been bugging me for a couple weeks and I thought something was wrong with my app. Cannot believe they did this on purpose. The reverse view takes some satisfaction out of reviewing my run data for sure, which is the main reason I track using this app.

  • I don’t like this change at all and my running friends agree. Please change it back

  • Change it back!!!!! Nothing worse than looking for your negative split and you see a MOUNTAIN! Whoever ok’d this change is NOT a runner.

    At least give us a way to show it as we like! Add the option in settings. Reconsidering premium subscriptions.

    In case you are using NLP (terrible, bad, poor, lame, quit, stop, revert, map my run)

  • One more thing. Pace is NOT speed. Big speed is good. Big pace not good!

  • Did the update few weeks ago... so disappointed with the new bar chart.

    Please change it back!!! Or give the option to choose between pace and speed in the representation. 

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