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Being a fairly new runner, I'm always looking for other runners to connect with!  So a weekly chore has been to fire up Flybys on each of my runs for the last week, looking for other athletes running similar routes.

It seems to me it would be easier/awesomer if Strava could just send me a notification when there's a Flyby after a run.  Alternatively, maybe fire up an app/webpage that checks my recent runs for flybys?

I'm not sure if an activity's related method already returns Flyby activities or not... if it does, I can build it if somebody else hasn't already... 




  • I like this! If usually forget to check by the time I'm done my run.

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  • Why do you need an app to engage with other people? If you see someone running or exercising outside (easy to find) then just talk to them. They dont need to have Strava or any app for that.

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  • A lot of runners don't often have time to stop, chit chat, and exchange contact information in the midst of a workout

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