Don't allow people to post STRAVA maps on unsanctioned trails

Mapping of unsanctioned trails on this site is creating some high tension amongst the MTB community. Im sure this wasn't your intent. I see a lot off high profile MTB riders posting anti STRAVA statements and closing their accounts.

Unless it is a mapped sanctioned trail it should not be posted!

Can you possibly make your App so it does not red line a trail location unless it is sanctioned?




  • Hey can you further explain what you mean by unsanctioned trails?

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  • This may not be a Srtrava issue per say but a user's issue. At least where we live in Santa Cruz California there are many trails that Strava users are mapping that are either built illegally or not a quote-unquote sanctioned Trail by any state agency. We see these so-called called unsanctioned Trails showing up on maps that are used by other apps. They are dotted lines with the names of the trail on them. We are not sure how these dotted lines and names of these trails are ending up on these Maps but we suspect it's from Strava users posting the names and the heat image that shows the line where the trail is. Mountain biking is a huge subculture and right now the word is out that Strava is creating this problem. This is all just speculation but I know many mountain bikers that are anti Strava and there are even signs on the trails in the woods stating " No Strava " The No Strava movement is growing here and from what i have been reading in MTB blogs other MTB rider's in other places are voicing there anti Strava opinions. Not sure if there is any way Strava can stop the mapping of any trails that are not sanctioned MTB trails. When i say sanctupned trails im am referencing trails that are built with the States or Federal agencies concent.
    The big question, is Strava some how responsible for the trails ending up on a universal map used by everyone?

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