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As a daily user of the Strava Website, I would like to be able to easily mark my rides as commutes, so that I can quickly update my feed followers. I like to see my stats, but know a lot of my friends like to ignore commutes of others.

Currently to mark a ride as a commute I have to click edit, commute and then save. A 'Mark As Commute' button I could use without editing the ride would be awesome!

I record my ride on a Garmin then sync to Strava.




  • I think the commute function could be incredible if at the end of every month/year you'd get a summary of how far you've ridden, how much petrol/money you've saved by doing so and how much greenhouse gas emissions you've stopped from being put into the atmosphere.

    I know that commuting by bike is better for the environment but if it was possible to get some tangible numbers on how much less of an impact you were having it'd be hugely motivational.

    I'm not one for facebook, but people could share it on their feeds which could in turn lead to more people commuting by bike and more people using strava. Plus it'd make it a lot easier to feel comfortable about spending the $$$ on a new bike when I can see how much money i've saved.

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  • Once you mark a ride as a commute, any matched ride should be automatically marked the same way.

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  • All above would be awesome!
    I'm commuting to work as well, resulting in a lot of activities uploaded to Garmin->Strava at the end of a week/month (I know I should sync more often... )
    Tagging all the rides individually is a pain in the .... and not from riding too long.

    I have set up a privacy-zone around my home and place of employment, so any ride between those locations could be marked as commute automatically. (Maybe I could select two (maybe more) zones as commute-zones?)

    If we could then also get some environmental stats along with it my wife would be more accepting of my bike-budget ;)
    Also my friends would have a slightly less messy timeline with all my rides not showing up. 

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  • Hey Chris,

    A bit of a workaround, but this website can automatically tag your commutes: http://commutemarker.com/

    Based on start/finish location and max distance between them. Works well!

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  • Thanks Ruud, I will test it out. Looks like a solution :)

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  • Good job, works perfect! Thanks!

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  • Ruud appears to have found a 3rd party solution, but if prefer not to pass my daily commutes to another, unknown website.

    I'd love to see Strava revisit the 'commute settings'. Not just auto-mark, but also:
    - filter options, both for the commuter and the commuter's friends' activity feeds
    - obfuscation of start/end times (commutes tend to be fairly consistent, and could attract undue attention)
    - commute-specific privacy zones
    - commute summary statistics would be great... Total Distance and time per month/year

    For that matter, adding 'commute' as a category of activities (eg: training, race, general fitness, commute, etc), where each of them have these features would be great.

    I'd upgrade to Pro for that kind of fidelity.

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