Improve measurement of Multi-lap segments - not all segment repeats are being recorded

Strava does not have a rolling logic for segments with repeated laps, leaving out in many cases actual PRs/KOMs that are done mid-workout. To better explain:

- If a certain segment is created including 2 laps of a route (lets name it "2x route 1")

- If during the workout one completes 4 laps of route 1

- Then as a result Strava will only record the time for the segment "2x route 1", the first will group laps 1 and 2, and the second will group laps 3 and 4. 

- Strava should have a rolling logic so that it should also record a third instance of the segment, grouping laps 2 and 3. Without this, it is leaving out many mid-workout best times.



  • I would love to see this improvement.

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  • I have this exact issue at a local park. If I warmup for a lap it won't show me a segment for the fastest laps of the ride.

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  • +1

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