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Have to ask the question, as Apple hinted that the GPS in the new watch will allow access to developers. Will Strava look at a native Apple Watch app which uses the GPS on the watch?




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    Just for you, we've released the updated Apple Watch app early, before officially announcing it. Go ahead and give it a try, and if you have feedback for us please leave it here

  • Yes please, I am about to buy a sports watch but can  not determine if strava will be supported on apple watch or if the standard sports app from apple will allow sharing with Strava


  • Same question here .. when can we expect the Strava Apple Watch app updated to utilize the integrated GPS in the Series 2 watches.  Sounds like the Nike app will support it immediately.

  • Whats up with this Strava, we would all love to hear from you on this???

  • I am interested in this as well. I'm picking up the iWatch Series 2 on Friday (3 days from now). Would be a nifty device to support.

  • Agree.  Thinking about buying the watch, but would like to know if Strava will support the GPS functionality from the new Apple watch.

  • I am expecting this too :-) Go Strava Go!

  • +1, would like to know as well. 

  • From what I've read, there's still no way to export workouts from Apple's Health app into Strava, so you basically have to use the Strava app (or another 3rd party app) to record your workout if you want to be able to export it anywhere else.

    Is that something that can be addressed now that iOS 10 and watchOS 3 are out or is it an issue of Apple not granting the necessary permissions to access the data?

  • yes please! AND swim support!!! @strava pls comment. thx. 

  • Very keen for this too!

  • Swim support would be very nice, too.

  • Would be really useful to be able to leave that phone @ home during the run.

  • +1 for strava to support gps for apple watch series 2

  • Ditto here, Strava!  Went for first run this morning with new Series 2 Apple Watch and launched Strava, only to realize that it won't work without iPhone.  I rarely run with my phone and don't plan to start.  I suspect its a matter of time before Strava updates the watch app to allow independent runs with the watch only. 

    Any plans in the pipeline?

  • Strava, love your app and love being a premium member but hate that this hasn't already been addressed.  Can you please update the app on the Apple Watch Series 2 to enable us to use the app without the phone?    

  • I was expecting this to be ready shortly after the Apple Watch 2 release. Either this or Strava being able to automatically take a feed from an Apple Watch activity - exactly as it does from Garmin GPS enabled watches.  Any news or ideas very welcome


  • I'm also keen to see this functionality expanded and use my new watch with Strava directly.

  • I think the same, I'd love to run alone with my Apple Watch 2 and that sync when connected to iPhone

  • I'm super interested in the Swim functionality with the new Apple Watch. Will I be able to record my swims on Strava? Thx.

  • +1 for an update for the Strava Watch app!

    I will be switching from my Garmin 235 once Strava allows using GPS in the new watch. 

  • I think it's pretty safe to assume that, if the GPS functionality is open for third-party developers to use, it is 100% in Strava's interest to provide support for it in their Watch app. I am keenly interested to see this integration come to fruition, and won't be upgrading to a Series 2 watch without it. Hopefully then, I will be able to ditch my Garmin watch in favor of wearing the Apple Watch full time. Between the recent updates to both watchOS and the Strava app, it's getting pretty close.

  • Where's Strava's response to this?  Did I miss something?

  • I think it is in their interests as well as ours.  I have a nice shiny Watch Series 2 with me now.  Big run tomorrow and being honest, I may well leave the iPhone at home and use the built in Watch GPS.  I can't see anyway of exporting the data to Strava so I might not log too to it short term.  

    I'm sure NRC will be on this as well

  • I would anticipate they're working on an update if Nike has it integrated already. It also would be nice if Strava commented on this thread to let us know where things stand.

  • If anyone from Strava reads this (it sure looks like they don't), can you change the Watch app so that you can select Run (instead of Ride) on the watch.  Also could you allow for recording split times?  Right now it's just start and stop.  Thanks

  • Ditto

  • The Apple Watch series 2 sounds great. I do have to also bring my IPhone with me when I go running. Since I am a Strava user I would like to know if the app will also work with the series 2 without having to bring my IPhone with me. PLEASE ANSER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Let's make this happen! I picked up the Watch 2 Series for the Built in GPS. Found out day one that Apple Activity Tracker does NOT export to strava which is a major weakness. I would also like to see Swimming Added to the "Switch Sports" feature on the Watch itself. Strava your # 1 and we know you can do this! 

  • Have we heard anything at all from Strava on utilizing the GPS on the Series 2 watch? I cannot buy the new Apple watch unless it has a native Strava app for running without an iphone, I searched the web and cannot find any news on this

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