Strava Apple Watch app built-in GPS?

Long time Garmin user and long distance competitive runner.  Gave in and bought a new Series 2 Apple watch...  Fell victim to the hype of water-proof and built-in GPS.  Went for first run this morning (w/o iPhone as I prefer).  Started up Strava only to realize that it still requires the iPhone to function.  So did my run with Apple's Fitness app.  It seems to work just fine, but there's no way to share that run back to Strava or Garmin, which is where I have all my data stored. 

Any plans for Strava to update the watch app to access the Series 2's GPS signal to allow "watch only" runs with full data recording and sharing back to Strava?

Maybe its just a matter of time?



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  • I'm also interested in this. I presume with all the rumors of GPS capability leading up to the second version of the Apple Watch, that it's been discussed at least, if not already being worked on.

    As the Watch has 5ish hours of GPS capability, that puts it in line to be able to record a short bike ride/medium-longish run. The swim feature could definitely be bulked up too.

  • I have the same question. That, and the question around the elevation thing. I cannot think that Apple "forgot" a barometer feature to get elevation. Since the Apple Watch has a GPS in it, what is the problem with elevation then? I just wonder why. Would love to have Strava on the Apple Wacht S2

  • I have the same question, would have thought that Apple would give the GPS access in the watch to 3rd Parties so see no reason why Strava can not update to use the same function.

  • Looking forward to Strava supporting using the Watch Series 2 with built-in GPS as standalone for tracking my runs and bike rides.

  • I actually had the same issue today and figured it out the hard way. The series 2 watch SHOULD record this without the iPhone being present. Apparently it is an app issue.

  • I wonder about this also.  Tried to use it without phone this morning and realized it didn't work.  Now that the watch has GPS, I hope this will become a feature.

  • I hope this is simply an issue of Strava updating its app software to support watch-only running. It's pretty lame to have to run with two devices at the same time.

  • Free the watch!! I am also looking forward to a watch app update that lets me leave the phone behind, and purchased the series 2 Apple Watch thinking this was a given. Please update us, and give us some peace of mind this is in development.

  • Exactly the same issue here... Hope it doesn't take too long for Strava to update

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