Swims from Garmin Fenix incorrectly calculate laps/distance

Hello all,


I have a Garmin Fenix 2 and syncs to my Garmin Connect Account.

My Strava account is linked to my Garmin Connect Account.


Imagine I swim 2000m in four laps.

Lap 1 200m in 3min

Lap 2 500m in 10min

Lap 3 .... you get the idea.

So I have done 2000m in 40min ....That is what the watch and Garmin Connect says

However in Strava I see

Length 2000m in 3min .... it only takes into account the time of the first lap but the total distance.


Hope you can fix this sometime soon.

Feel free to contact me.




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    If your Garmin swim data isn't matching up on Strava, try exploring the TCX from Garmin Connect and uploading that file to Strava manually to Strava.

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  • Hi, I have the same issue. When swim training I use a Garmin Fenix and use laps to segment my training. When syncing the activity (from watch to Garmin Connect and then automatically into Strava) the stats are correct in Garmin connect but in Strava the TOTAL TIME is using the FIRST lap time and not the total moving time. The TOTAL DISTANCE is correct though.

    Actually, Strava only ever manages to show the first lap also (which I guess is part of the problem). I accept that I'm not going to get the level of detail in Strava compared to Garmin Connect (E.g. Stroke recording, length splits, etc), I know Strava is designed more for cycling but for those of us who do also swim it would be good to at least show the basic swim session information accurately.

    An example is shown below. My first lap was 9 min 45 secs but Strava records this as my total time. The TOTAL DISTANCE is correct though on Strava so my pace shows I was swimming at 49 secs per 100 yards. Or to put it another way, my warm up was just off the 100m World record pace.. which I managed to sustain for 9 mins!!! 

    and the same activity on Garmin Connect...

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  • Hi Elle,

    Not sure why the link doesn't work, doesn't for me either but the activity is there when I browse my list of recent activities but here you go...

    I will have a look at the file formats and try a manual update from Garmin Connect the next swim and update this thread.





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  • Update from me also.. after trying the suggestion from Elle..

    When I upload my swim to Garmin Connect it automatically syncs to Strava. At this point the Strava workout is totally incorrect (it only takes the first lap time as discussed above). 

    As I test (recommended by Elle) I did the following..

    I downloaded the activity as a TCX file from Garmin Connect and then manually imported this into Strava. The Strava workout is now more correct but not quite accurate. It includes all of the LAP information but reports the elapsed time as the moving time (Moving time was 24.26 and elapsed was 28.39 according to Garmin). Strava reports 28.39 for both of these values. Also some of the Lap times are a bit out between Strava and Garmin. I know I did rest between the sets (laps) that I was doing so the Garmin data looks more accurate to me.

    Examples shown below where I have added the Strava activity manually using this method. I have also attached the TCX file that I downloaded from Garmin and Uploaded into


    So in short:

    There seems to be a major problem with the Automatic Sync from Garmin to Strava whereby only the first Lap time is recorded as the total swim time in Strava.

    If the activity is saved as a TCX file from Garmin and imported to Strava then the data looks better but is still not quite accurate as the Total Time is being recorded as the Elapsed time. The first lap matches between the two activities but after that the Strava data seems to get less accurate.

    Finally, on a slightly related note, any chance that Strava will allow me to display my Cycling in miles and my swimming in Metres? This is the standard here in the UK but I can only seem to set either Miles / Kilometres at account level. This means I get my swim values in yards which makes no sense as (most) pools are 20, 25 or 50 Metres long.




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  • I have the same issue with my Fenix-2...

    Laps times are totally unrealstic. actually Strava stops counting the Laps after Lap-1...

    That means that regardless how many Laps I do in my workout, Strava thinks it's only one, giving completly wrong pace numbers (16s/100m)...


    Is there any update? Is Strava working on fixing this issue?




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  • I am having the same problem with pool workouts recorded on my Fenix 5s.  Garmin Connect and TrainingPeaks both show the correct overall pace (as well as the pace of each lap --another thing missing in Strava).  But on Strava, the swim pace is way off.  Not sure why anyone would want a swim workout presented this way.  Someone at Strava should start paying attention to the swimming aspects of this app pretty soon -- else stop representing it as a robust multi-sport athletic tool.

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  • Same here, Fenix 5. Garmin Connect collects all the data fine, Strava only takes the total time and the total distance. Why? Strava is pulling the details from Garmin Connect why is missing the rest?

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