I was in an accident. Can I use Strava data as evidence?

(I'm asking for other users' experiences, not for legal opinions. I'm seeking a traffic attorney on my own.)

I had started a training ride, and gone about half a kilometer. I was in a bike lane, when a car turned just ahead of me, leaving me no room to brake or turn -so I hit the car, bounced off, landed on pavement, and lost consciousness for maybe five seconds.

When I came to, there was a small crowd, and an ambulance. Minor injuries- minor contusions and scrapes, but they sent me to a trauma center for X-rays, and the bills are outrageously high (this accident occurred in the United States).

I downloaded a TCX file of that day's activity, and it has my bike journey as well as the ambulance trip.


The police accident report puts me at fault, because based on witness testimony the police believe that I was speeding. They offer no direct evidence. No CCTV cameras, no police officer witnessed the accident.

I believe the driver was at fault, for hooking a turn right before me without looking!

While I haven't received a traffic citation (and probably won't) the issue is financial liability. I have medical insurance, but with the cost so high, inevitably some of it will hit me.

What I want is to convert the TCX file into step-by-step list of my position and speed. It could be plotted on a map, showing say ten meters at 20 KPH, then seven meters at 22 KPH, etc.

It could be on a map, but so far the online TCX-to-map tools I've seen don't annotate the map with speed.

Is there a tool that can do what I need?  I believe my speed was well under the limit for that street, 40 KPH, and want to be able to prove it.




  • If you get no answers on this, you may want to try other forums... for similar software/apps ... or check with a local bike shop.

    I have been taken down by a truck trying to pass on a double yellow line, on a hill, on a corner.  This happened a year ago.

    The police did nothing.  Nothing.  Except offer me a ride home after the EMT's checked me over.  I was told that a report would be filed.  I emailed and called to find out what had happened, and they seem unwilling to return a call or answer.


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  • The Strava analysis button should show this overlaid on a map. Even better if there is a segment there since you will get a better / smaller view. If there's no segment there then perhpas create one.

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  • You don't have to have a segment to view speed on a section of your trip.

    1. View your ride on a computer.

    2.  Click on Analysis button (upper left)

    3. Below the map, in the first graph showing elevation, click and drag over the section just prior to and including the accident.

    4. Move your mouse over the speed graph to see the speed though that subsection.

    5. you can click and drag in the speed graph as well to zoom in more.

    I hope it goes well for you (or did go well).

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