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Hello! Just making a suggestion to display an index if the activity was done as positive split, negative split or equal split. An example formula can be 2nd half time minus 1st half time, divided by total time. Athletes would then be able to see if they did a good negative split if the index is a negative value close to zero. This will really help athletes see at a glance if their negative split strategy worked or not.

Here's an example for a 60 minute run:

(2nd 40 - 1st 20) / 60 = -33.33% <-- too much negative split (almost never happens)
(2nd 32 - 1st 28) / 60 = -6.67% <-- better negative split
(2nd 30 - 1st 30) / 60 = 0 <-- equal split
(2nd 25 - 1st 35) / 60 = 16.67% <-- positive split (not good)

Please let me know if this makes sense or if you have other suggstions  Thanks!





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  • +1 for me on this.

    I would love to be able to easily see my 50% distance times. 


    I would also like to see split based on GAP as well (in case the run/race were particularly hard or easy in either half).



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