Changing FTP changes all previous training score data

Currently, updating your FTP causes a mass change to all prior workout data, rendering all the past performance data inaccurate (the data is only as good as the FTP it is attached to).

If - 12 months ago - my FTP was 250, and today I update it to 300, all my previous workouts are "downgraded" in their relative training intensity and stress scores. Which does not reflect reality because 12 months ago, these workout felt intense and stressful for my fitness level back then.

What should happen is that when you update FTP, only workouts after the change are affected.

Strava people - this is costing you money! Athletes who are serious about their data are using competitors' products and free alternatives. I am forced to use GoldenCheeteah, if you changed this one bug I'd be a premium Strava member.




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    Thanks for adding your thoughts, folks. I totally understand the need to adjust the FTP settings so that when your FTP changes, it only affects the workouts AFTER the FTP change (and not before). 

    I'll pass this on to our Product Managers and get it on their radar. Unfortunately, I can't give you an ETA for a feature like this. 

  • Totally agree with this. It would be nice if HR threshold, FTP (or even better, FTP/kg) were tracked over time by Strava. As it is, looking at past rides don't necessarily reflect the intensity/effort relative to one's fitness at that time.

  • Adding my +1 here – I came to Strava support to log this exact ticket, as this is quite a serious mistake that's been bothering me for some time. The FTP /at the time of the ride/ needs to be used for calculating IF & other metrics. It follows that FTP values should have durations, & there should be a history of FTP values for an athlete, & it would make sense to expose this in the UI (as is done by products like TrainerRoad & WattsBoard).

  • I strongly agree.  FTP needs to be stored as a time series on an "as/was" basis.  There is no way to measure progress and do a meaningful analysis of history without this capability.

  • Just dropped my F&F 35 points and ALL historical data after changing my FTP. Are you serious?
    Are you working on this?

  • +1 for this. I've just adjusted by FTP up and seen my Fitness revised down as a result.  I'm currently on a Premium free trial and enjoying the Fitness and Freshness chart, but cannot imagine paying for this if it cannot properly account for improvements in FTP.

  • After having the feel good of increasing my FTP by 10% after some good consistent training & seeing my 'fitness' increase to 74 on the f&f chart I am a bit dissapointed to see my fitness drop to the 50's as a result of updating my FTP.
    Please resolve this issue ASAP or I will have to bite the bullet and pay the extra for training peaks.

  • +1 for this. this is especiallly annoying in winter- and indoor-training.

  • This just happened to me today and I am not happy, I pay for this and been a premium Strava member for years.  PLEASE Resolve or I will have to go back to your free membership and spens money for others to work out mt data


  • +1 from me.  I noticed this a while ago and thought it was just a glitch. Fitness, Fatigue and Freshness is the key reason I went premium.  But if I can't track current and historic performance I might as well pay for something that does i.e. Training Peaks or Today's Plan.  Please STRAVA get this sorted as it's kind of a deal breaker. 

  • Only just come across this issue, and its ridiculous! How annoying...

  • It isn't going to change fellas, this issue is now years old and Strava are aware of the issue (I've raised it with them multiple times). I'm convinced it is a legal/licensing issue with competing software. I'd recommend Golden Cheetah as an accurate - and free - way of managing your training. And vote with your feet - discontinue Strava premium and tell them why.

  • Wow.  I like Strava, but this is a dealbreaker.

  • I'll pay for premium for using advanced training features like power curve and f&f. It's very important for me to know how my history of fitness and freshness goes. For example, if I have had form of 10 and felt that it's good for a race, I definitely wan't to use this information in the future. If Strava messes up my history, that's a major problem.

    I'm happy that Training Peaks has actually better features for training than Strava Premium. It's one more service to use and pay for - that's the benefit of Strava Premium - but I thinks as soon as a get my power meter, I'll have to switch.

  • Strava offical team - has this been fixed yet?

    It is crazy  that we cannot update our FTP for current fitness levels without destroying all previous data. This does not have to be advanced like Training Peaks to bulk change, etc - just let us change FTP one date and all future workouts use that FTP until changed again. Putting the onus on the athlete as a first implementation step would be fine.


  • Changing my FTP just messed with my full history of ride data as well. 

    Bought a stages 2 weeks ago and put an FTP of 250 in as a placeholder (assumption based off power curve est + garmin est). Downgraded that to 225 this morning following an actual FTP test and the training scores for every ride just increased by nearly a factor of 2! Changes to any performance metric (HR, FTP, Weight) really should be considered from that date moving forward, not for all historical data! 

    A comment on this from the Strava team would go a long way as I won't keep up the premium membership if tracking things like this is going to be near on impossible!

  • Its seriously annoying. As a compromise (if there is a licensing issue here) the ability to flag an FTP change on the chart, much like how races stand out, would at least give users some idea of the historical changes.


    Sort it out Strava. You are making a lot of money from loyal customers.

  • Wow, this is really annoying. Please prioritize this fix. Strava is really fun but if we have to pay for TrainingPeaks to have valuable training data, it’s likely the social platform subscription that’ll take a backseat or eliminate from our annual training costs.

  • This is a joke.. bye bye premium

  • Premium user here, I'm by no means an athlete, but doing my first fortnight of serious training to improve my FTP, just to find it messes up 4 years of stats is not what I wanted to see as a 'reward'

  • Please, fix this issue

  • Strava what is the progress? This is frustrating - any answer would be appreciated?

  • This is NOT going to be 'fixed". This is not a system problem rather a licensing issue - Strava has not negotiated rights to the full Training Peaks model and so is not allowed to provided the full suite of functionality.

    If you are looking for full functionality then switch to the Training Peaks platform and let Strava know why!



  • This needs to get fixxed. It is a MAJOR flaw and renders the Fitness and Freshness useless. Also my old trainings are screwed

  • Before commenting: please look at the dates and previous comments.

    It's highly likely that the situation won't change. If you need this feature Strava Premium is not for you.

  • Agreed. I have now pretty much ditched Strava in favour of TrainingPeaks. Does everything and more than I need and with one of the many discount codes floating around its cheaper that Strava Premium too.

  • Sorry to go a little off topic, but does anyone know how I unsubscribe from this thread?

  • I have followed this thread for some time now and I this it is almost amusing :D

    But maybe enough is enough: I noticed that there's a link in the bottom of the mail notification for unsubscribing

  • Wow, I just noticed this updating my FTP today. Quite quite disappointing. Perhaps it is now time to shift to Training Peaks...

  • Do it. It’s significantly better for analysis and you can still sync all of your rides to strava for the social aspects.

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