E-Bike category has no segments


I hired an e-mtb and rode on some of my regular trails.

I uploaded as an e-bike which to my disappointment had a completely different set of segments.

It would be far better if it included e-bikes (but marked as e-bike) in the main section of Strava so that we can ride our favourite segments and rate them against our own times and our followed and followers.

If they are in the main section you could have an option for people to either mask or un-mask e-bike depending on their feelings about them,






  • Official comment

    Thanks everyone. We're not able to copy all cycling segments to the e-bike category at this time. Hopefully, the community is well on it's way to creating new segments for e-bikes. 

    One other tip - if you'd like to list your e-bike ride as a cycling activity in order to track your progress on existing segments, you can do so IF you select the "Hide from Segment Leaderboard" option

  • Great feedback Kevin, we appreciate it. I know this is something we discussed when we created the E-Bike category. 

  • I can only agree with this - there are also very few e-bike specific segments at present and no easy way to duplicate non-ebike segments to become ebike ones.

    I cycle both ebike and traditional pedal cycle - I would also like to be able to compare my own time differences between different bike types easily - KB's suggestion would make this possible.

  • Yes, please allow e-bike scoreboards on segments, would be really appreciated. I ride eBike most of the time now as I simply have more fun and get to climb up things that would be impossible on a normal bike, and get about 3 x as much downhill runs in as well in the same time, I also love Strava, but at the moment it really doesnt offer the same functionality when you set it to an eBike ride. 

  • You are free to recreate any segment as an e-Bike segment. Where is the problem?

  • @Dirk the problem is twofold:

    1) Why should I spend my time duplicating segments as EBike segments when the data is already there for these segments in the Strava database? It is also non-trivial to make the segment exactly the same - a "clone segment" option would lessen the pain.   I ride both non-assisted and pedal assisted bikes - I would like to be able to compare segment times across all my bikes - it's all my cycling data - this would only be possible by me corrupting my data by pretending my assisted rides are non-assisted (which is clearly stupid)

    2)  Ebike rides are not a "default" ride type on Strava.  Even if I set my Garmin to an Ebike profile, by the time it uploads it becomes a non-assisted ride type which opens it up to being Flagged and removed.  I have to manually edit my ride details from my phone / the web sometime after Garmin Connect shares the data to Strava.

  • E-bike segments do not seem to work as "live segments" with strava premium.

    I have created ebike segments, but they refuse to synchronise with my garmin edge, If I create the same segments as regular bike rides they appear.


    Can this be resolved?

  • Seriously, why would you like to have live segments for E-Bikes. I mean, there is no sense in it. The one with the bigger motor will be faster anyway. 


  • @dirk You obviously don't ride ebikes or understand the possibilities they open up to tackle and conquer (if you have the skills), steep climbs that are impossible On normal bikes. Think about hard enduro races like erzberg or Romaniacs. Do you think the guy with the biggest motor wins? Of course not, the guy with the most skill wins. Just watch some videos of Graham Jarvis ride. Most guys ride 300cc 2 strokes rather than 450 or 500cc 4 strokes anyway. Does the guy with the lightest mountain bike always win the KOM on the traditional mountain bike segments? Of course not.

  • I guess you have never ridden an e-bike to know that you are still the force behind the speed?

    Why not do away with regular segments? After all, the lightest lycra clad cyclist on the lightest bike will always be fastest.

    Or perhaps all e-bikers should log their rides as regular bike rides and take all the KOM's?


  • I've done some E-Bike riding, although no MTB. But for me it doesn't feel like real riding.

    And of course I can have motors with 300W peak or 500W peak, that's a great difference. In real biking a good trained biker with an old alu-bike can always do something against a carbon bike rider. It's pure human power that counts. E-Bike riding is a little like motorcross - of course demanding, but too different to be compared with true biking.

    In Strava's earlier days E-Bikes weren't allowed either. Nowadays E-Bikes more and more become a plague polluting our leader boards.

    Well, a compromise could be to enable a "copy" button for copying real-biking-segments to motor-assiset segments. 

  • "Nowadays E-Bikes more and more become a plague polluting our leader boards"


    Maybe if Strava made the effort to improve segments for e-bikes, that wouldnt be a problem. e-bikes are getting more and more popular, and believe it or not, people do use them to help with general fitness, so a way to compare yourself is a good thing.

    Maybe e-bikers should log their rides as normal bike rides to take as many KOM's as possible and maybe something will change to stop the lycra brigade from crying their eyes out.

  • LOL. Sounds like you should be walking mate, thats pure human power ;)

    What is real biking anyway? It's just as real when I conquer a climb on my eMTB that was previously impossible on my old carbon XC bike. Its just as real when I ride my Alu CX bike faster on the street than my eBike can go. It's just as real when I shift into 5th gear pinned on my 58hp Motocross bike. True biking to me is having fun on two wheels, not your narrow definition.

    Anyway, as I ride up steep hills past people walking on their DH and enduro bikes as happens on every ride, you can be sure what i am doing is closer to real, true biking than the guys walking up. 

  • Any news on that? I've the same issues. I would appreciate it to copy existing segments in an easy way and synchronize it to Garmin 

  • I prefer it when e-bike segments are not copied automatically from unassisted bike segments, to prevent the tantalizing amount of irrelevant segments to spill over. A copy button would be nice, but not necessary, I never found it hard to create e-bike segments from the start.

    The only problem with e-bike segments so far is, that they doesn't include rides in the leader map that were uploaded before the creation of the segment.

    Of course the motor power has it's share in the result, but that is intended and normal cycling segments aren't very fair either because they include rides with different wind speeds, riding alone and in groups and so on.

  • Hi Jan, new Strava Segments should look back in our database and match all qualifying E-Bike activities in the past, before the segment was created. However, this may take up to 24 hours. Can you give us some examples if this appears not to be the case? 

  • Hi Elle, an example is

    The first three "potential" matches I had matched perfectly and Strava doesn't contradict :) The first two segments I had created 6 days ago and the third one 3 days ago.

    Normally when I create a new ebike segment I go to my old rides and switch them back to normal ride and forth to ebike again. Thus I force Strava to to calculate the ebike segments immediately. Good that I forget the mentioned ride else I wouldn't have had an example.

  • Hi Jan, I've created a support ticket on your behalf to make it easier for me and my team to follow up about the segment issue you've reported. Thanks! 

  • I'd just like to add that I'd also love to see any of the ideas mentioned here implemented - an easy "copy" button from regular segments to e-bike, or the ability to turn on/off e-bike viewing in the regular segments. And, of course, the ability to search e-bike segments!

    I have a strong feeling there are a lot of segments near me that the leaders are actually e-bikers. One segment in particular, you have to start from a near dead-stop going uphill the whole way... I did this on my ebike and was going faster than I thought possible by even the fittest of bikers (my motor pumps out 1500W), yet I was still 20% slower than the supposed "regular-bike" leaders!

    If any of the ideas above were implemented, I think e-bikers would stop cheating as they would still have segments to compete for.

  • @michael that's a good idea, perhaps if there was just a filter function for all segments it could work too, so you could filter by road bike, CX, XC, enduro, DH or eBike on the same segments. I pass through a lot of street segments on my regular mountain bike which of course I have zero chance of getting a good time on against the guys on their road bikes, so would be interesting to see where I actually stood against a similar bike. You can filter by ages at the moment so why not filter by the kind of bike you are riding?

  • @Piers Exactly, I think that's a great idea.

    Personally I'm not so interested in getting the best time for XYZ segment, I recently started using Strava to compare various routes on my own daily commute (I'm doing this by setting up private segments that start and end at the same place, but take different roads/trails). However, it would definitely be cool to compare my times on segments I hit with other riders, both regular bikers and e-bikers. Currently the only way to do this is if I cheated and said my ebike was a regular bike, which of course could make some current KOMs angry, not to mention it's against Strava's community rules.

  • Don't forget filters for 26"x1.9", 27,5"x1.9", 29"x1.9", 26"x2.1", 27,5"x2.1", 29"x2.1",  26"x2.25", 27,5"x2.25", 29"x 26"x2.25", 27,5"x, 29"x2.25", and of course 26"x2.8", 27,5"x2.8", 29"x2.8" and even fat bike >3". On downhill segments I would prefer a filter for 160mm disc brake, 180mm and 210mm, and V-Brake! Hm, I consider even more filters, stay tuned ...


  • Another vote for an easy segment copy across to e bike ride as I do not want to contaminate the regular lists.

  • I've been riding my ebike for nearly a year and it was suggested to me to ride but not record on Strava. I would love to record in segments like normal bikes. I'm 65 love my ebike but need some competition to compare my times. If there's no other bikes in my area the segments would let me compete against myself. Thanks.

  • Real shame when I ride old fashion none electric bike I get loads of segments, when I ride E bike I get very few. I have created segments but they are just duplicates and I get my times taken down when on std bike saying I'm on electric!

  • Pete Searle,
    If you edit the activity, you can change the activity from 'e bike ride' back to 'ride'. You can do the same for which bike you were on. When you save it the regular segments will be restored.

  • So having read the range of comments I can see it from both sides.

    I accept the futility of comparing one motor against another but the reality of e-mtb for me is comparing my own normal mtb against my e-mtb.

    The other factor is the extra 10kg does effect the bike and it’s not a given that it will be quicker.

    We have local segment times that just can’t be real so not all the data in the database is correct any way.

    I still feel that my original request would be a good solution “included e-bikes in the main section of Strava and give the option for people to either mask or un-mask e-bike depending on their feelings about them”.

    So come on Strava are you going to do anything about this?

  • Ecky Thump I can swap from one to the other but I've been taken off KOM for doing that when I was riding a std bike and Strava said I was on an E Bike. 

    Looking at the results from some races in the past couple of months E bikes are not coming in the top half so not sure what the problem is with using the same segments. Until then I'll keep duplicating segments so we can use them 

    Just done a ride this morning and before I changed it to e bike from ride I had 33pb and 1KOM changed it to e bike I had 1 2nd pb and nothing else just 7 or 8 times, where did all the other segments go? 

  • Pete Searle.

    Have you created each bike in 'my equipment'?
    I have a profile for each bike and I swap them when I edit the activity to the appropriate ride type.
    My Garmin watch automatically uploads to Strava as a regular ride when it connects to my phone, I have to go back to edit it to e bike ride.

    Not being able to copy the segments over is a real pain. It leaves us with the laborious task of recreatin the segments we want in e bike ride.
    Until folk get onboard to recreate them e bike rides will be left unpopulated with segments I'm afraid.
    Like you, I have been creating them as I go to different places. However some segments are impossible to do since Strava have blocked any new segments less than 0.1 mile, probably not an issue for road riders but a real pain for mtb.

  • Dear Strava,

    Please explain why you enable the option to tag rides with 'E-Bike Ride', but disable all other relevant functions. What is your vision on the future of the E-Bike section within your community?

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