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Is there a way to keep map hidden from all followers, but have followers still be able to see activity?



  • I am truly hoping this gets implemented soon. It is such a safety issue, especially for female runners training alone on remote trails. I want to keep track of my training but dont want everyone else to be able to see where...

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  • I agree with this whole post. I signed up for a virtual series that used Strava and don't want my route showing. Since we are in quarantined, my options of where I can run are limited. I'm a women running alone and safety is a priority. This should be a top priority for such a well known/used app! 

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  • How this is not a thing yet!

    This should be a legacy feature in this kind of app... why do I'm forced to show people where i'm running instead of just could say an "Hey, I run today"

    I need to put all my activities as private and can't share it with my friends because of this silly thing... robbers don't need to know where I leave and neither the time that i'm not home!

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  • Adding my voice to people asking for this.This seems like an obvious privacy feature, and probably wouldn't even be hard to implement.

    As far as I can tell, entering challenges depends on setting visibility to 'Everyone' -- which means exposing your maps to the world. So if you're concerned about privacy, then you can't do challenges. Even the Privacy Zone feature appears unlikely to help here: the notes say that you won't appear on the leaderboard for any activity that begins or ends in your Zone.

    The fact that people have been asking for this for three years makes me suspect that it's not the case that Strava can't implement this feature, but that they won't. For some reason best known to them, they've decided that the value of sharing maps with the world outweighs the obvious privacy concerns of their users. Too bad.

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