When creating new route indicate roads as suitable for road-only bicycles

When Im creating new route I would like to see if a given piece of road (segment, but not in Strava meaning, but a road between to points on a route) is actually suitable for a road bike. 

The way I use Strava is to plan routes is that I take the Strava map, look around my current location for new routes that I have not ridden yet and make sure they are road ride-able. 

Way too often in my area have I encoutered a siutation where Strava-mapped route took me to a bumpy field road with surface not suitable for a road bike. 

I started using heatmaps but heatmaps include rides with MTB bicycle which are very popular in my area, so many times a heatmap would indicate a road as ride-able but would not indicate what kind of cycling prevails on this segment. 

Currently I need to check with Google Street View. I assume that if Street View has not visited a place than it's not road bike suitable.

For me maps are the most valuable tool in Strava, I feel more of an explorer than competitive cyclist. 

This is related to this idea: https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/208835087-Classify-Segments-as-Road-or-Trail-Segments



1) Bubble shows the functionality concept.

2) Arrows indicate segments I cannot be sure if they are actually possible to ride with a road bike until I get there. Someone has ridden there, but was that an MTB? No idea :)




  • Full ack. (i'm using komoot sometimes - a mobile/Web-app which has a roadbike and mtb Mode for route planning, but obviously misses the heatmap feature). I very much would like to see this feature in Strava. 

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  • Planning a route on Tenerife (Canary Islands) is almost impossible because the moutain bike trails are more popular than the roads, so every time you click anywhere it takes you off road. Would like to see a follow roads only feature.

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  • Absolutely. Same in the Dolomites - try and create a road bike course of the Sella Ronda and you keep getting taken on MTB tracks.

    This is very poor from Strava as looks like they use OSM data and OSM mappers mark the surface as sealed or not. If I'm planning a road bike ride, only take sealed roads. If on MTB, only take dirt (well, as much as possible). It's not hard!

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