Sync from Strava to Garmin Connect

I  can only seem to push from Garmin to Strava. What I want is to use the app to record runs when I have no Garmin device and push to Garmin Connect. Then I can have my data in both platforms. Is that possible?

In my Garmin Connect account settings I see that Strava can only read. Is that correct?

Application - Strava
Permission - Read


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    Has anyone tried syncing from Strava to Garmin Connect using This 3rd party tool may fill the feature need for now. 

    A two-directional sync between Strava and Garmin has been brought up before, but it's not a priority for either company at this time. 

  • I have the exact same question.

  • I have done this by recording on Strava, then exporting the workout and manually uploading to Garmin connect.  I don't know if there is a simpler way.  

  • Kristi Lovelace, could you kindly share how to do that? I would like to upload to Garmin connect too.

  • Hi Everyone,


    I was wondering the same thing!  I had a bike ride recorded in Strava but wanted to get it into Garmin Connect.


    Here's how I pulled this of


    1) logged into Stava in my web browser

    2) from "Overview" I clicked on: wrench icon > "Export GPX"  [see first image]

    3) logged into Garmin Connect in my web browser

    4) clicked on the "+" icon in the upper right corner and then selected "Upload Your Activities" > "Manual Import"

    5) Drag / Drop the exported GPX file in


    Hope this helps = )








  • Have a look at A service that syncs both ways, not only Garmin to Strava. 

  • Thanks for asking Aaron, this isn't a feature we have planned, but I can see the usefulness for it. Likely the primary reason we don't have this feature is because it hasn't been asked for by enough of our members to be considered. 

  • I agree with the above. Being able to push from Strava to Garmin Connect would be great!

  • Add me to the list of wanting auto sync from Strava to GC.. Thanks

  • I would agree, i was assuming the synching would be bi directional and was quite suprised find this thread. Please add this feature.

  • Strava, add me to the list of wanting auto sync from Strava to GC.. Thanks (premium user)

  • Add one more to the list, I am constantly downloading strava tcx Zwift files to upload to GC.  It would be wonderful if it could automatically happen.

  • same issue here.

  • Pleeeeaaase! I beg you to add auto sync from strava to gc.

    would make life sooo  much easier and I will continue to use strava.


  • Yes, I need this as well.  Very useful.

  • Another disappointed customer here, please add this.

  • Same issue here too

  • same issue here.  Manual export of .fit or .gpx files is a PIA.  

  • I too would find synch from Strava to Garmin Connect to be very helpful.  My Garmin Edge 705 just died and I don't plan to buy another Garmin.  Using Strava at the moment and want to add my new Strava route to Garmin Connect.

  • It's me again
    For synchronization from strava to garmin connect I use "tapiriik". It is very easy, works also by cellphone

  • Me too!

  • Could I clarify with Taner Oezgen, does Tapiriik sync the calories from Strava to Garmin Connect? I'm just trying out Tapiriik, and it sends _most_ of the data about the run, just not the calories. It's an improvement anyway.

    Calories are the one I really care about getting synced properly, to be able to work out if I can have that piece of cake later!

    My chain of linkage is Strava - GC - Myfitnesspal - Fitbit.  There may be a better sequence out there.



  • +1 for this feature please

  • This would be a great feature - Zwift pushes automatically to Strava, but I keep track of all my activities (not just ridiing!) on Garmin Connect so this would save me the recurrent hassle of manually trabnsferring each activity to GC.

  • I agree with the request for this feature (i.e., a two-way sync).

  • +1 for this feature :)

  • Me too - primarily for Zwift usage. 

  • I commute a few miles a day and can't be doing with loosing my rather expensive garmin head unit or the speed/cadence sensor, so i use the Strava app on my phone, but it would be awesome if there was this connection back to Garmin. Not sure I want to add in 4 rides a day into Garmin Connect - I have better things to do like work and ride my bike.


  • +1

  • +1

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