Sync from Strava to Garmin Connect

I  can only seem to push from Garmin to Strava. What I want is to use the app to record runs when I have no Garmin device and push to Garmin Connect. Then I can have my data in both platforms. Is that possible?

In my Garmin Connect account settings I see that Strava can only read. Is that correct?

Application - Strava
Permission - Read


  • I looked at Taprik but it needs your log in details and does mention they might not be secure . so its a no go for me 

    come on Strava do you listen to your users ?

  • +1 Strava (love you btw.) please make it happen

  • +1

  • Syncing from Strava to Garmin connect is my number one request of Strava. Please!!!

  • I also need that feature please

  • I'd also like to be able to push from Strava to Garmin Connect, as well as the other way around.

  • +1

  • Thanks everyone, this topic has hit our radar and will be discussed. In the meantime, continue leaving your feedback and use-cases below. 

  • Thanks Elle
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    Elle Anderson
    Today at 07:01
    Thanks everyone, this topic has hit our radar and will be discussed. In the meantime, continue leaving your feedback and use-cases below.

  • Same question here. Please make this feature request happen.

  • This would be useful as my Tacx trainer syncs with Strava (not able to sync with Garmin). I need the activity to appear in Garmin Connect for my Medical Aid as they track my fitness for rewards.

    Please add this feature.


    Thank you

  • +1

  • +1

  • I need this feature because I use a Garmin devices for tracking cycling and general fitness, but I use Strava for run tracking because I listen to music while I run, so my cell phone is the appropriate device to run with. However, it's annoying and a pain to have to manually export activities to Garmin so that my data is synchronized across both services.

  • I've just had to sign up with training peaks as that is the platform my coach uses. I can connect to this with Garmin Connect but not Strava, so I also need the ability to sync Strava activities with Garmin Connect as well.

    Glad to see it will be discussed, as long as it actually happens.

  • You can add me to the list too Ellie. I like to have all my indoor training rides (Zwift mainly) sync with Garmin connect, would be nice to have that ability.

  • I have been using Tapiriik and it was great, but after the Garmin's App update, it has now stopped working, E-mail Tapiriik three times but had no response.

    Strava, I am joining the list with all the others.

  • @Andy Gtacx Tapiriik is up and running again. You may have to reconfigure the Strava settings on the Tapiriik homepage. You should include the private runs. After two weeks my activities are added to Garmin Connect (which is the most horrible ios app I use).

  • I just purchased Premium for this reason, disappointed that I cannot sync Strava to Garmin.  Please add me to the list of needing this sync. Otherwise I will drop back to basic where I input by hand. Just like I'm doing know for Premium.

  • My Strava account doesn't get updates via Garmin Connect even though authorizations are established on both account settings. 

    Garmin 235

  • Hi Elle Anderson

    Has this issue been sorted out yet? i cant see this taking over a year to get right?



  • +1 for the feature

    Premium user here. I run with my Garmin watch but bike with strava  + smart phone. I would like to see all data displayed in the same ecosystem. Thanks!

  • I'd like this feature too, but worked great.  Just started logging runs via Strava on my apple watch but have 10 years worth of data on Garmin connect.  Nice that I can continue to add to that history....

  • Defo a feature that would be beneficial + 1.

  • Add one more to the Strava to Garmin sync.

  • Like others, this is a big request from me.  I use Garmin Connect as my primary hub for all activity, but have been using other apps like Strava (just started with Strava) either because of friends / networks, or because of functionality and performance.  I am extremely busy and don't have the time to be manually exporting and loading ride data.  Please make this an automatic two-way sync capability.  



  • Me too. Strava to Garmin

  • Same issue except in terms of the devices. I use a CycleOps trainer and would like that data (Zwift or CVT) to flow back to Garmin. This is a bit of a workaround for me. If Garmin and CycleOps would play better together, I wouldn't have need Strava to push to Garmin.

  • Another up vote for strava to connect 👍

  • Add me to the list waiting to use Strava as backup for Garmin, i.e. to sync from Strava to Garmin connect.


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