Filter Segment Leaderboard by bike type

This would allow segments to be filtered to view only results by bike type, thus separating mountain bike versus road bike segments results.

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  • Yea please!
  • Yes, absolutely!  I need to be able to categorize my rides as either road bike, mountain bike or trainer ride.

    Once this is available, I will most definitely sign up for premium.

  • Yes Please!  I like this platform better than Endomondo, but they have the mountain bikers covered...

  • +1

  • Awesome, but would like to see actual bike too as have a 29er, SS, 26er, etc
  • This would be great.  We definately need to seperate the road bikes from the mountain bikes. 

  • This would be great to be able to filter by bike type. It is kind of hard to see how you far against other Fixed Speed bikes in NYC. If you do add a Fixed Gear/Single speed you would have to add the ratio as well like 48 x 16 ect...

  • Would love to see this, there's two segments I regularly ride that run alongside a road and roadies are regularly tripping it (despite it wandering over 10m from it at some points).

  • +1 I use my MTB on the roads and cannot compete with the speed of a road bike!

  • one more !!!

    Could you create a divide the cycling ride in two categories: mountain bike and road ride ?

  • definitely plus 1

  • As Arnie would say.... Do it.... do it now!

  • Sure i'd vote for this. Although it isnt so clear cut as mtb or road bike. There are various stages in between. Slick tyres, 2x10 roadie setups, hybrid bikes etc. The only way for 'direct' comparison of rider ability is to use the same bike. That aint gonna happen.

  • Definately needs to be done
  • Yes please! Mountain vs Road bike  would be great! 

  • I laughed at the fact that you can pick between Nordic, Alpine, Backcountry, and Roller skiing, but not between Mountain and Road biking. 

  • + !

    i think it's mandatory for a mainly bicycle orientated website to support more than just 1 bicycle type!! (as P. Costa Leal already said, i'm also always surprised that you have like 10 different things for hiking and so on, but not the main sports supported!)

  • I agree.... I in fact I would like to be able to explore segments by type. I ride a mtb and when explore I have to wade through road rides to get to the dirt trails.  I would be nice to just select "Mtn" or "Road" as segment type and then futher be able to compare times of MTB bikers on road segments.   Yes some bikes can blur the lines between Mtn and road, but alot of this on the honor system anyway.  You can always figure a way to cheat or game the system, but then you are only fooling yourself.

  • Lacking this essentially screws anybody riding a MTB on a paved trail. It also makes it impossible for MTB people who might have a dirt trail segement/climb that sits in close proximity to a paved climb. This should have been fixed long ago as a core item to support, to quote a Strava employee, "the competitive aspect of the leaderboards".

  • Yes please - would be great to split the type of cycling.
  • I also find it very difficult to create a new segment for a mountain bike ride.  The problem is the inability to zoom in on the map close enough to figure out where to place the start and finish points.

    This makes it very difficult to decide where the beginning of a climb begins or where the top of the hill is.  Most mountain bike sections don't start at a cross-road that is easy to determine.  Alternatively, if I"m in the woods, it's very hard to know where the beginning or end of a section is.  These issues would be helped if the maps were more mountain bike friendly or at least we could zoom in closer to determine the geography of the nearby land, ie, the top of  hill, etc.

  • Tom - What myself and friends often do is walk perpendicular from the track in places where we want to start and finish a segment, this makes it very easy to pick out on your trace later on.  Yes it ruins the flow etc but it's a foolproof method.  Strava would have to spend a lot more on their mapping to have the capabilities you're asking for.

  • You can also use the LAP feature on your Garmin.   Mark a Lap point at the start of the segment, then mark it again at the end.  You can create a new segment from a Lap

  • I don't think there's a way yet to create a segment from a lap, although that would be a great feature. (Or did I just miss how to do it?)

  • There used to be a 'Publish' link when you viewed a lap - sort of there with IE but not visible at all with Firefox - dunno what is going on there

  • Definitely need this, I do a bit of road cycling on my MTB and see no reason why I should be compared to the road bikers on segment leaderboards.

  • In theory yes, this solves the disadvantage mtb riders have on the black stuff. But where does a hybrid sit? Where does my fixed sit? It has risers but wheels like a road bike.

    If you're worried about being top on the road that much, they get fitter or buy a more appropriate bike.
    This request reminds me of "silly commuter racing". Look it up!

  • Then include even more bike types, if your so worried about your bike not fitting a certain category, then just don't filter on bike type at all like it is now, it's not like you have to use every feature implemented.

  • +1

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