Filter Segment Leaderboard by bike type

This would allow segments to be filtered to view only results by bike type, thus separating mountain bike versus road bike segments results.

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  • Hello, use a tool (bicycle) suitable for making a KOM is not possible for everyone. Not everyone can buy a bike of 12,000 euro. Not everyone can buy two bikes. So it's more just to know which type of bike was made that performance (segment).
    I would propose to make clear the type of bike related to the athlete who has achieved the performance (segment), maybe also applying a complex filter (for example, also on bike weight). Better still associate the KOM athletes MTB and the KOS (King of Street) to BDC athletes.

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  • Should be great to have in the personal results, the possibility to show and/or filter the results by bike.
    I ride usually with two bikes and should be great if i can see witch one is faster in different situations.


  • Yes to filtering by bike types. Come on Strava. Get with it. We use your platform to compare our own results against our fellow athletes. So let's compare appropriately by type of bike which reflects a popular activity.

    We should at least be able to differtiate by major bike types that are sold on the market, ie: XC, single speed XC, trail, Enduro, downhill  and fat biking for MTB, Road and cyclocross and single speed track are also specific categories or

    subcategories of classic drop bar style racing bikes and all of the above have races specific to those types of riding. Electric assist bikes need their own category too, along with commuter/ hybrid bikes since they represent a significant proportion of cyclists. Even the cargo bikes, tandems and unicyclists seem to want recognition. No doubt the list could become extensive but it will provide a more realistic representative of what riders are really doing. 


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  • I love the local guys on tri-bikes but it totally muddies up any ability to know where you stand athletically and in your fitness.   Please include a sub-category for tri-bikes (as well as the others) so we can really know where we stand in segments, which is what inspires us to strive - what Strava is all about, right? Thanks.

  • I love the local guys on tri-bikes but it totally muddies up any ability to know where you stand athletically and in your fitness.   Please include a sub-category for tri-bikes (as well as the others such as velomobiles) so we can really know where we stand in segments, which is what inspires us to strive - what Strava is all about, right? Thanks.

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  • Such an old request still not implemented!

    I do the same routes with road and fixie, and with my road im usually faster. Even faster when using aerobars. Thats not even fair with myself!!

    Also, another day I asked about someones KOM (3:30 mins at 60km/h in the flat) he said "I was drafting behind a truck", so maybe even an "assisted trial" should be considered....


    My biggest point: While theres no bike type leaderboards, im not paying for premium. Do you want my money? Update this!

  • Well, we'll soon need an electric bike filter..., as the'll soon be topping every leader board.

  • +1 from me

  • yes, tracking ride performance by bike type and as many types of bikes that you have not just category's and having PR's grouped by a particular bike as well.

  • All you need is road and off road. Don't matter about what size wheel and if it's single speed.
    Can't make it to difficult for options

  • I don't do both. Only MTB.... And getting KoM badges is impossible when you live in the city!

    Please Strava... A Simple filter! An option can be chosen when uploading your activity.

  • yes agreed with all.

    will be great to seperate leaderboards by road and mtb 

    do we have a timeline or idea with this will be activated ???

  • Yes, please add a separate leader board for recumbent bikes.  

  • This would be more reliable. Thank you

  • Please read previous comments. We don't want a separate leader board or top level activity.
    We need Strava to properly enable the use of activity Sub-Types. In this case Ride subtypes for Recumbent, MTB, or whatever.
    You can then filter on this on any leader board and see how you stack up.
    You can also use subtype for a club - so your club will only pick up member rides of that subtype - so if you have an mtb club you don't get polluted by members rides on road bikes etc.
    This would also work for challenges too - they could be subtype specific- OR they don't have to be - e.g. how many miles in May can just be on Ride - with subtype blank so will pick up all rides.
    Rides are designated a subtype either by specifying it on upload (or default upload) or you should be able to associate a subtype against your gear list. (This would enable strava to automatically categorize all your old rides which you selected against different gear).
    When you do segment explore you can also use the subtype filter so you only see MTB rides if you want.
    This really would work well IMHO.
    I keep posting this same proposal and haven't heard a good reason why this couldn't work. Maybe the dB isn't setup quite like this at the moment but it surely could be?

  • This is THE feature to have.

    We already define our bike type while uploading data: so on DB you have the field: it's just a filter to add on segment leaderboards. I use Veloviewer that can handle this kind of data on summary but doesen't on leaderboards so i think that you don't populate or use that field on segments classifications.

  • 5 year old request, you really think it is going to happen???

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    This is a must have feature. Otherwise the membership makes no sense for me. My focus is on the KOM´s ... So it is not possibly to be the best with a MTB on the road ... :(

  • 5 years on and still not here.... Poor show strava

  • Yeah, it's a simple feature to implement, but seems that Strava team don't want tot add this feature.

    So what is the point to have different bike types on user profile without different leaderboards?? 
    I can understand the point that cheating should be massive at that point, because i can ride a relative flat gravel road with a road bike or a hard cobbled section with a MTB, but at today the workst threat are the ebikes.

  • And one category for the damned e-bikes as well ;)

  • What we need is not bike types but track types, road and off-road, plus a combination with assistance or not.

    There's too many bike types, and what's the point of tempting a kom on the road with a MTB?

    Also if someone feels better to do the Rampage on a gravel it's his choice!

  • No news on this yet? Poor show indeed!!!

    Particularly now as its getting to winter (here in UK) id like to be able to compare my segment times for both my winter training bike and my summer bike. Being able to compare your own segment times across different bikes should be pretty simple to do right?

    Wouldnt it just be a case of adding a 'my bikes' column in the 'my results' bit of the leaderboard? The data exists, the glorified spreadsheet format why no dice Strava?

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