Filter Segment Leaderboard by bike type

This would allow segments to be filtered to view only results by bike type, thus separating mountain bike versus road bike segments results.

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  • It would be great to be able to filter a Segment for a KOM separating a SIngle Speed KOM from a geared KOM.

  • +1

  • As well as being able to filter, another nice touch might be to have a small icon against each placing on the leaderboard depicting the bike type.
  • I would also like to see the bike type used in the activity feed. The possibility to upload a picture of my gear will be a nice feature too, it could be shown below the profile image in the activity feed..

  • Definitely need to be able to filter by type of cycling -- mountain, road, or cross

  • I lost my KOM to a coworker with an electric bike...this seems unfair!  We should be able to classify our bikes and performance by category to prevent this!

  • What on earth does someone with an electric bike have to do on Strava?

  • A handful of us are bicycle commuters, so we compete via Strava for the various hills on our one guy at work with an electric bike Strava'd his ride up the hill and took our trophy!  He is far enough ahead of us that we don't stand a chance of taking the trophy back, so technically he has a trophy and technically he says it is still a bike but...anyway, it would be nice to be able to classify the  bikes used more finely to compete apples to apples.

  • I also lost my KOM to a guy on a motorcycle and a woman with a jetpack.

  • A simple thing would be to allow a "remove from KOM consideration" checkbox. Yes, you can do this with "private" rides or by marking things as "workout" but I think it makes sense to allow people to police themselves to a large degree. Especially would be nice if you could default this for people who always ride with electric bikes or do a lot of motorpacing.

    I also agree that more types (such as motorcycling, electric biking, mopeding, or whatever) would be good to have.

  • Road and mountain at the very least. 

  • I know you can't please everyone, but it would be great if you could add Unicycle to the Activity Type or at least make it a type of Bike.

  • I would be happy if you just had a different coloured marker for road segments and another for non hard surface roads. Please! It would make the "explore" feature much better esp when you are in a new area. Cheers, awesome app!
  • +1 to the above.... as well as being able to filter segments by bike type It would be nice to be able to categorise the segments themselves.

    Initially it could just be 'Road' or 'Offroad'. Further development of the explore feature should then allow mountain bikers to filter only offroad segments and then stand a chance of competing for KOMs. Later it can be developed further to also filter climbs vs downhill sections.

  • "I would be happy if you just had a different coloured marker for road segments and another for non hard surface roads. Please! It would make the "explore" feature much better esp when you are in a new area. Cheers, awesome app!"


    Yes, this!

  • +1 Would be very helpful.

  • For start, mountain bikes vs. road bikes.


  • Yes please - depressing to see how deep on a leader board you are so my immediate reaction is they must be all road bikes!!
  • Fellow MTB rider here, just joined.  I can only echo everything that's been said already. Some kind of basic categorisation is essential.  Currently the leaderboards are meaningless (and depressing) for us non-roadies.   I'd caution against introducing too much fragmentation but road vs MTB as an absolute minimum.  


    The offroad / onroad distinction could be nice but doesn't solve the leaderboard problem - a lot of MTB guys (myself included) will do a pure road route - the sustained output (and massive resistance!) makes good training.

  • Just to add:  
    • As a bare minimum, just add a new column to the leaderboards indicating the type of bike - just a word or icon would do it.  That alone would be a massive improvement, and presumably the app already knows what type of bike is being used. This basic feature is so critical that it must be available for free users!
    • In addition, the filter idea would be very nice, and if you want to make that a premium feature I wouldn't begrudge it (and would be tempted to pay).
    Or, in short: +1  :)
  • YES PLEASE!!! Would be great!!! Can't wait....about time!!!

  • Hope its possible soon so that I can attack some KOMs with my MTB! Now that is only possible with my roadbike
  • I'd like to be able to filter My Results by my bikes. My best results are all on my weekend roadie, I'd like to be able to filter for my weekday commuter.

  • As a web and mobile developer this is soooo frustrating for me. It would be really simple to just add a feature (particularly on the iPhone, I've not used Garmins, etc) where, at the end of a ride when the app asks if you want to save the activity as a ride or run it could simply ask which of your saved equipment was used; MTB, Road bike, etc.

    The other thing related to this stream would be the ability to search for segments and filter off road only, road only or both.

    Come on guys, you're better than this.

  • I'm not enthusiastic about this idea. A bike is a bike. There is a wide spectrum of bike types between road and MTB. Dividing cycling into two camps may be convenient for those who think that way--but I don't.  I do a lot of dirt riding on my road bike, sometimes going to places where only MTBs go. I like that I can compare my performance on a road bike with those on MTBs.

    But I would like to have the ability to click on somebody's bike and see the details on their equipment. I like that we can spend some time geeking out on our gear, retiring old components, entering new ones. But currently, this seems to be a private excercise. I'd like it to be more social.

  • You've misunderstood the whole thing, we're talking about an added feature, a filtering OPTION, if you want all kinds of bikes mixed then you just wouldn't use this feature.

  • Thanks, Torgeir. That makes a lot more sense.

  • Yes, I regularly ride both my geared full-suspension 26er and my rigid single speed 29er on the same trails and would like to be able to sort my results based on the bike I'm riding.  Just another column on the "My Results" page would be perfect for me.

  • +1 

    This would greatly enhance the explore feature.  


  • Great feature,  fair comparison!

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