Filter Segment Leaderboard by bike type

This would allow segments to be filtered to view only results by bike type, thus separating mountain bike versus road bike segments results.

To vote for expanded options on the types of bikes added to Strava, go here



  • I completely agree with Baird. Much of this thread is concerned with differentiating bike types or conditions or other criteria such that anyone desperate enough for a KOM can filter the data in such a way that they can proclaim victory. I'll leave that issue to those people. I just want to find a way to look at a map and identify road segments that I might like to ride. But right now when I pull up any area around my town, generally half of the 10 visible segments are dirt trails, which severely limits the usefulness of the tool. (I've even gone so far as to start clicking through to various MTBer's rides and attempting to "Hide" those segments, but the darn things still show up in the Segment Explore page.) So at a minimum, there should be a filter for road SURFACE in the Segment Explore page - basically paved vs anything else. This data would reside with the segment itself (i.e. as an attribute in the segment data table). In time, Strava could then develop additional criteria/filters that would relate to someone's ride - whether it was solo/group, type of bike, etc, etc. These would come into play when filtering the leaderboard but would not affect the Segment Explore page.

  • For me, this suggestion has nothing to do with KOMs. I have repeated this several times with no response from Strava, but here goes one last time. I simply want to be able to look at my own history of riding a particular segment and differentiate my times based on which bike I was riding at the time. My times on my geared bike are much different than on my single speed. Again, it has to do with training and not KOMs.
  • This has been here for over a year and a half and Strava hasn't bothered to implement it. On it's face, it seems a  simple thing, add Bike Type to the list of filters on the leaderboards, along with Age, Weight, etc. Not hard, and data they already have. The closing of their API due to "resource" issues, and lack of new features doesn't look like things are very healthy internally. Bummer too. They have a good thing going, it would be a shame to let it die.

  • What really needs to happen is for the freetards to pony up for premium so costs of new feature development and server space can be addressed.  I get more than my money's worth for premium but still want to see faster implementation of features and granularity.  Some of the old requests really have to be addressed and at least tell us what the priority level is for each request.  Other product forums have a rep interacting with the users, I don't see much of that here.

  • Add filters for dopers vs non-dopers.  Why should I have to compete with known dopers on KOMs?

    Also, filters for tire pressure.  If I'm out having a comfy ride at 80psi, why should I have to compete with others who decided to go out at 110psi for the day.

    Along those lines, Ultegra really isn't comparable to Dura Ace, and lets not even mention those unfortunate enough to ride 105 or lower.  Should any of us lowly peasants be forced to not have our own personal KOM just because we don't rock the DA?

  • Kratchet, like a lot of people commenting on this feature suggestion, you just don't get it.  I don't care about KOM's.  I care about my own performance, but I ride several different types of bicycle.  I would like to be able to filter the results so that I can compare all of the times I have ridden a particular trail on my single speed 29er or my full suspension 26er.  Both bikes have their strengths, but the times just don't compare.  Instead of just making wisecracks, maybe you could read the other people's posts and actually make a worthwhile comment.

  • Yeah Bob you totally miss the point. By not filtering out "beards" you are still going to get smashed on the leaderboards by vikings on fixed geared SSCX rigs so just give up and buy some petanque balls already.
  • And seriously, being able to choose which bike I rode on in the Mobile App would be something I would use (what's the point of rocking a SSCX rig if you can't rub it in people's faces).
  • As someone who commutes on a mountain bike, I'd also find this useful... no way I an achieve KOM's on many segments against roadies with 56 tooth big rings!  However, I'm curious how I do against others on mountain bikes.

  • I just want to be able to see the list of my results on a given segment and the corresponding bike that I was riding.  That way I can tell if my 29er Hardtail, 29er Full Suspension, or old 26er was faster on a given segment. Of course the rodies might want to see how times compare on various road or TT bikes as well...

  • Another vote from me.  I'm in Kauai, Hawaii and using Strava to find all the local sweet road rides.  Not knowing if it's a MTB ride or Road ride is making route creation pretty tough.  Love a MTB/Road bike filter!

  • Then create a discussion for it somewhere else, this thread is for filtering results. Not categorizing segments.

  • @Torgeir If you'd read the whole discussion before butting you'd realise that there has been long standing confusion about the exact topic. The topic title is "Filter Segments by Bike type used: Mountain, Road, etc." while in the description it mentions filtering results. Many of us think filtering results is a waste of time that panders for those unwilling to use the right tool for the job. However we believe that being able to label segments as road or off-road as something that would be very useful. 

    Personally I don't care that much whether Strava implement any of this, I'll ride skinnies on almost anything, and still be faster than most roadies when I'm rocking 2.4's....

  • I've been following this thread since the beginning and although the subject text is a bit vague, the description clearly explains that the request is about filtering results. At least to me this is pretty clear. So if you want to label segments or whatever else I don't rally see the point in mixing it in here.

  • Torgeir, about a quarter of the posts are people asking for segment differentiation. You may not see the point in discussing a useful change to Strava but for many of us we do. 

    Under the change you want, which leaderboard do rides on my singlespeed CX bike come under? And does my rigid XC bike with slicks and a 46T on the front still count as an MTB? What if I add aerobars to it? What if I swap the flat bars for drops...?  I've been in MTB stage races where we've pacelined at 40km/hr on rutted rock covered farm tracks.  Face it, you're low on the leaderboards because your slow and unfit, not your tyre size. Adding a leaderboard won't prove you are the fastest MTB'er in your neighbourhood, because the fastest MTB'er in your neighbourhood will be smart enough to ride a road bike on the tarmac.

  • Of course I see the point in discussing segment differentiation, but wouldn't it be smarter to do so in a seperate thread? and of course there are going to be a number of bike configurations that are somewhere inbetween the major types. But having road and MTB filtering would at least be a start. Adding more filtering options so I can compare myself with people in my weight class, riding similar equipment shouldn't be very difficult.

    There are also segments where road bikes have a huge advantage on top speed, my gearing doesn't allow me to go much faster than 50, while road bikes can do 70-80

  • Sorry Torgeir, let me go to the link where Strava let me make a new topic.... oh it doesn't exist. You are going to have to put up with us. 

    Oh and riding home on my all mountain bike last week Yeah, 68.8km/hr on a steel 120mm travel hardtail running a 36T ring on the front and a 11-36 on the back (and that's a lousy time for a mtb on that road). You need to learn to spin faster and how to get into an aero-tuck. Also get your MTB off the bitumen, it'll like you more and you'll become more awesome. Or, if you never leave the boring stuff, do what I pretty much suggested last post, slam your stem, throw on some 1.25" slicks and replace your 42 on the front with a 46. I've never done a road race where you get prizes for choosing the wrong bike. As HWSNBN's ghost-writer said, "it's not about the bike".


  • It's the button that says "Submit a request" at the top of this page.

  • And btw, biking is not my main hobby where I pour all my money, so tips on how I can improve my bike is not really interesting. I just want more filtering options on the segments I usually pass through. Thats all.

  • Torgeir, how about you spend more time on your bike than you do telling people which forum to post on? You'll see yourself jump up those leaderboards a lot faster than waiting for Strava to make a special leaderboard for lazy Norwegians who never ride their bikes.. The reason you suck isn't other people have lighter faster bikes, it's because they ride more than 50km a week. Ride enough to get an understanding of how bikes work and then add your two cents on what's important changes to Strava. You started the obnoxiousness, it's good sense in cycling circles to only be rude if your legs can back up your mouth.

    Have fun developing heart disease stressing over what discussions are important to you while exercising less than an amoeba.

  • Bert, please take it down a notch, you're making a fool of yourself. No one cares how fast you ride or how slow you think others ride. And first complaining that Strava doesn't let you make new threads, then being rude when someone takes their time to explain it to you? Please try to apply some manners.


    I think there are three different requests here (which ideally should have their own threads):

    A) Filter segments by bike type used (for planning a route with a certain kind of bike)

    B) Filter segment results by bike type used (for comparing results with similar kinds of bikes)

    C) Filter own segment results by actual bike used (for comparing own results on different bikes)

    I see the problem with a lot of bikes being hard to categorize, but I still think these are valid requests. The proposed changes should of course not have any impact on overall results.

  • Bert, As I said, I have other sports that are prioritized, and I ride as much as I feel like. It's none of your business what I do with my bike.

    And the rudeness started with you calling me lazy and unfit, before that I was merely suggesting that discussion on other topics than the actual subject should be done elsewhere. You did the first personal attack.

    If you do a feature request for segment categorization I'll vote for that too.

  • Torgeir, I'm going to apologise for pushing the boundaries. By my age I should know not to use the internet when I'm not level headed. I'll admit I do not have the information to call you lazy or unfit. 

    I still hold fast to my belief that getting leaderboards re-created to make up for unwillingness to use the appropriate equipment is in my eyes a form of laziness and is close to cheating. Slick MTB tyres are pretty cheap, fitting them is pretty easy and not time all that time consuming, and if you only ride on the bitumen you'll enjoy running slicks more anyway. Most of us near the top of road segment leaderboards sacrifice family time, leave parties early, ride alone in the cold and dark often and put our bodies through all manner of hell to get as cycling fit as we are. Hence having people wanting a leaderboard to reward them for not spending twenty minutes changing their tyres is something that can rub us the wrong way. In my case it rubbed me particularly badly while I coming down with influenza and I'll admit my judgement was impaired and the personalisation of my attacks was totally unwarranted. 


  • I love strava but this 'feature request' has turned into something altogether different. Road or dirt please. Bye bye.
  • No problem Bert, I understand exactly what you're talking about. I do all kinds of sacrificing to be a top competition shooter in my country.

    The filtering is completely out of curiosity for me, I just think it would be fun to see how much difference there is between road and MTB on the segments I usually pass through, and the effort needed to implement another filter is probably very small, so then why not.

    My current bike is only two years old, so that's why I don't have slicks on it yet. I'm not throwing away a set of perfectly good tires until they're worn out ;)

  • Bert,

    I do hope you understand that no one is asking for seperate leaderboards or KOMs for different bikes. The idea of filters is to have a better look at how you compare with your peers. ie, For myself, im 125kg and im far from fit but im also certainaly not lazy. (Personally, I'd like a filter for the 120kg+ but thats for another thread). The passion of cycling is not always about choosing the right machine for the job. I have 4 bikes, a Roadie, a cyclocross, a dual suspension mountain bike and a 32*11-36 geared hardtail mountain bike. Sometimes I like to take my cyclocross bike out on mtb tracks. If I had the ability to filter segments by bike type, i would then be able to compare myself to others who had also rode the same tracks with a cyclocross.
  • I would appreciate new column to the leaderboards indicating the type of bike - just a word or icon, because i ride on my MTB also on asphalt and it would be nice to see it in leaderboard  

  • Yes, this would be great. There are many segments in my area that are rode by both mtn bikes, cross bikes, and road bikes.
  • absolutely...its very tiring and pointless/frustrating/risky ( at times) trying to keep up with the roadies, for people like me with only 1 bike ( MTB)...the sooner the better!

  • Since 4 types of bikes are already defined, Strava could add some useful info with very little work or server load -- just display some figures on the front end:

    Segment stats:  Ridden: 3657 times by 2146 riders (95% MTB, 4% Road, 1% Other)

    Easy start. 3-5 lines of code max.

    Then if I see a ride that is 50/50 mtn or road... I know it's game on either way.

    Filtering shouldn't be much work either, since again, this info is ALREADY THERE.

    (Slick would be if Segment Explore changed the color of a segment based on % of bike types...)

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