Filter Segment Leaderboard by bike type

This would allow segments to be filtered to view only results by bike type, thus separating mountain bike versus road bike segments results.

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  • This really needs to be done. Especially considering how many different options there are for skiing, why is this not done for bikes? Just two distinctions are needed: mountain bike and road bike. This would make finding new trails a lot better.
  • My riding is almost 100% mountain and a filter to see only mountain would be helpful in looking for new trails.  also what is the citeria for rating HC (hard climb) all of the HC are road and some of my favorite mtb climbs rated 2 would make the above average road biker cry... hmm.  Last thing is i care little for KOM because strava is not a sactioned event so with that being said if you cheat to get KOM then you wasted your time.

    Ride hard

  • Ditto.  To expand on the idea, I'd like to be able to sort my segment times by bike.  I have four bikes of various speeds and...erm...levels of quality...and it would be interesting to compare my times for a particular bike.  The information is already there, it would just be good to be able to filter on it :-)

  • +1 cant believe this is still not a priority Strava - this really does warp the segments, would be great to also allow for wheel sizes as well, 26, 27.5,29, 650, 700... Cross bikes everywhere messing up my segments  ;)

  • This was a feature that even Garmin Connect had and that site was out-of-date years ago.

  • I agree that it would be a great feature, but it the Strava Development Team should take into account the way do construct to not broken the fair play to conquer the KOM and QOM. 

  • -1

    Perhaps we should have a filter for people with a more expensive bike than me who are faster than me?

    No, wait a moment, that would be LAME!

    The rides/segments should not be categorised by bike type.

  • @Grumpy flats, its called a filter. It would not change the leaderboard. Your precious KOMs are safe :)
  • D.I.Y.  Filter

    This thread was started Feb 2012. What I have done in the meantime as I ride 95% on my mtb is have "(mtb-er)" on the end of my username.

    This helps with leaderboard challengers and also Segments Explore as I can compare apples with apples with other members also using "mtb", "mtber" etc. in their username. Can also help defining segments if there is a number of usernames on the board with "mtb....." it's likely to be unpaved/off road.

  • This is long overdue.  As I ride a recumbent, some people think I am 'cheating', and I spend a lot of time unflagging rides.  People have seggested to me to make my rides private or change the activity type however neither of those "solutions" are practical for me, mainly as such rides don't appear on my heatmap which I find intresting and also private activities don't appear on my activity feed to followers and cannot be shared on facebook etc.  Leaving a ride flagged does not work for me as then it messes up my PBs.  I will get a new PB even if I have gone faster in a flagged ride which I don't want.  It would be nice to have a solution which pleases everyone by seperating the rides somehow, the simplest solution I can see is a filter like the weight and age filters, and maybe an icon next to the times to show mtb / cross / road / tt / fixed / recumbent etc.  Personally I don't really care about a leaderboard full of strangers, it don't do a lot for me however I am intrested in my club stats and my followers (who mostly ride recumbent themselves too).

  • @ Derek A (& all)

    So, as a "mtb-er" you only want to compete against other mtb-ers?  This doesn't make sense!  If the trail is off road and I beat you on my commuter bike, will you feel no shame, or just be happy that I have been filtered from your mountain bike board!?

    Similarly, if you beat me on my commuter route on your mountain bike then I would have to retire from cycling.

    Either way it seems to me that there is nothing to be gained by filtering people on other bike types.

  • @Grumpy flumps, it clearly evident you haven't grasped what we are asking for. Its not about mountain bikers filtering out a commuter on an off road track etc. It's more about a commuter like yourself filtering out the mountain bikers from an off road track so you could compare your results to others that used a commuter bike aswell.
  • @ Grumpy, YES correct but not only to compare against other mtb-er as I can already compare myself against the full leaderboard, my age group and weight if I want. The recent  IMBA's Take It to the Trails Challenge is a typical example of where a bike filter is beneficial. I managed 17th climbing 15,800m all on gravel and dirt apart from 61m in the 9 day challenge.  Would be great if I could filter out the ones using their road bikes on paved roads for the challenge. On my mtb riding on gravel and dirt if I compare myself to someone the same fitness level riding the Challenge on a paved roads and road bike they will require less time and effect to achieve the same result.     

    Also a bike filter is required using the Explore. Especially for a roadie planning a ride as how is he/she using the Explore going to know if the segment/activity they are looking at is on a paved, unpaved or single track? 

    P.S how do you know you haven't already been been beat by a mtb on your commuter route without the filter :)


  • Bugger, one of the few times I dust off my 1980 roadie my time gets smoked by a tandem.

    Where's the bike filter when you need it

  • Can't believe Strava has not done this yet. I would love to start a new group for just MTB'ers. As it stands right now road riders usually take the cake on the weekly leaderboards due to they can cover more miles. This seems like a simple redo, so let's get this done Strava!!

  • Now I understand, to use a horsey term, you guys want to be "best in class".

    Why not implement a tyre width filter?

  • "you guys want to be "best in class".

    Not really, I just want to be able to use this great app without people moaning at me and flagging my rides because "I am too fast" or because my bike is faster than theirs.

  • I initially was confused about the purpose of this thread. And although I agree it would be interesting to see how I stack up against other "like-biked" riders on a segment, I think more useful would be to search for "Trail" vs "Road" segments as part of the "Explore Segments" feature.

    See suggestion:

  • For me the purpose would be to separate roadbikes driving at a track close to a single track. Now the top of the leaderboard of various segments didn't drive the actual single track segment....

  • Adding the ability to filter your own rides and leaderboard by mtb vs road would be great!  I ride both style bikes on same routes.  Personal performance stats and the leaderboard are less relevant when you do not know the major category of bike that was ridden.

  • Leader boards don't mean much without separating mountain from road. The two don't even compare.

  • OK - how many "likes" do we need to get this done?? It is very simple!

  • I'm a mountain unicyclist. I'd like to have Mountain and Road Unicycles added. It ruins all our unicycle clubs because as soon as someone rides a bike it destroys the leaderboards. New categories or the ability to only post a ride to a specific club would be nice. Then I could ride a uni, post it to my uni club. Ride a bike, post it to my bike club. The two wouldn't interfere with each other then. 

  • Yes please, then you can compare MTB vs Road Rides. Currently MTB are ranked between Road bikes. Not fare...

  • But where would the filtering madness end?

    You will never know if you are comparing like with like?

    I once did the Flintshire challenge, a 50mile mostly off-road MTB course...., for most of the way round we were racing some army guys on (road) racers with flat bars!!

    There was me all smug on my fat tyres and full suspension.  If only I could have filtered them out!*

    *I am also eternally grateful to one of the army guys who shouted "gate".  Top call.


  • @Grumpy Flumps - A filter is just a filter. You can choose not to use it. Obviously there are many of us with an actual NEED for it, like myself because I ride mountain unicycle.

  • It is very clear that there is a need for it and it is a very simple adjustment to make. For those against it, simply don't use it!

    @strava - when can we expect this update?

  • +1
  • @Dane

    Do me a quaver.

    How many mountain unicyclists are there on Strava?

    I'm gonna estimate.... one.

    So you don't need a filter, just scroll to the bottom of the leaderboard to find your time.

  • Yeah I wanted to add my voice to the discussion to say that I agree with you all that this should definitely be added. Just give users the ability to tag segments as mountain or road, simple as that. Then improve the segment search to include filters for mountain or road. As it stands, the segment search is essentially useless and only shows a few popular segments on the map here and there.

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