Show a list of all the Segments I've ridden/run on Strava

Create a place on Strava where all the segments you've ever ridden would be listed, with sortable columns like current place in the leaderboard, number of times ridden, or categorization, etc. 



  • Sortability in general under "my segments" would be appreciated... They used to be sorted by "number of times ridden" (or something like that) - now its just chaos! I have loads of KOMs on segments I barely have heard of (either automatically generated or made by someone else) - but really only care about the most popular ones.

  • It would be nice to be able to go to a segment and see all of my times only for that segment.  i.e., if I ride a particular segment all the time, it's more interesting to me to see how my time on that segment changes from ride to ride than to see where I am on the leader board or see that, e.g., today was my 3rd fastest time on that segment.  Just a list, sorted by date, of every time I rode that segment would be super helpful from a training standpoint.

  • You can already do that John.... Just go to the segment page and then click on the 'My Results' link in the left hand column... Hey presto, exactly what you wanted.



  • hey -- awesome.  Never noticed that option before.  Thanks, Al.

  • Al, I don't see it.  Does this work with the basic membership?  There are multiple segment pages depending on if you go through 'explore' or 'training' but either way I still don't see the 'My Results'.  Can you provide a little more detail to help me find it? Thanks!

  • If this is implemented please add a filter to let you screen for segment based on your placing, for example top 10 or 20.

  • sortability on various columns and search by name!

    the 'explore' feature on the map is already great to find any (and your own) segments 

    may I suggest the dataTable jQuery plugin?!? it does it all (and more!)

  • Definately needs this, not just the KOMs. As for "it's already there" I can't find it either, so if it is, it should be more prominent :).

  • Oh wait, disregard the last bit of that didn't read it properly.  I see what you meant.

  • I second the request for this. A sortable list of all segments you have ridden, with the 'trophy' icon next to the ones you are top 10 on

  • I use the My Results bit, but agree with others that a sortable list of all the segments you've ridden would be another excellent feature!

  • I dont see anything from october back to when I started using strava my koms are gone, I can see it still on my phone app but not online at home.

  • or the segments I created last year


  • This would make things more well rounded. For instance, if someone creates a new segment within a ride I did a year ago, I'd like to know if I need to head out that way and do it again to pitch for the KOM.

  • Agree, it can be difficult to track segments you've ridden, not just ones you've got KOMs on (for normal people who have no/few KOMs anyway!)

  • I'd like to access my history of times on each segment ridden.  Would be a great tool to measure my improvement.

  • @ Bruce - does the 'My Results' tab on the segment results not cover this? 

  • John, I didn't look hard enough.  Thanks!

  • If anyone happens to like Python, I wrote a script to show a list of segments you've ridden more than once, along with the times for each attempt:

    Example output:

    Would definitely be nice to have this as part of the site - particularly if you could sort it based on how far up the leader-board you are (e.g so you could see segments you are in the top 10% or whatever)

  • Hey Ben, that's great! I never knew that Strava just barfs all of their DB data out over JSON. Here's a question for ya, then... I'm trying to find, for a given segment, the people who are close to my best time. In other words, I want to find the people who occupy the handful of spots above and below me. However, when I try an API url like:


    it doesn't show the whole leaderboard (or the whole list of all efforts). Do you know if there's a fix for this?

  • Joe - there's an offset parameter on most of the API methods, so something like should do it (to get all results, you'd increment the offsets by 50 until there's <50 results returned)

    There's something resembling API docs on - also, because of how the site is created, the data for lots of stuff like the maps-paths, graphs, challenge participants etc are loaded as JSON also, which you can usually find with Chrome's dev tool network tab

  • Yup. That works. Unfortunately, it looks like it only works if you don't use "best=true" (to see the leaderboard). Frankly, I'm only interested in people who's best effort is on par with mine, so I'd like to only see the leaderboard. I don't mind parsing through the data to find everybody's best time, but the segment I'm testing my perl script on... there are 370 people in the leaderboard, but there are about 2,200 efforts. Querying 50 at a time, that's 44 queries instead of 8. I don't like hitting the server like that, unnecessarily. 

  • Oh, didn't realise that was still a problem.. There's a post explaining how to use the startTime/endTime to grab the best results,

    ...although I'd be tempted to just parse the data out of the leaderboard HTML, which has a page and per_page parameters which work sensibly:

  • For what it's worth, I'm in the home stretch on building an app which will tell you all of your segments. It's actually going to try to sort them by how easy it should be for you to get a new PR and/or move up on the leaderboard. Also, it's going to let you download, as a Garmin TCX file, the KOM's effort, your PR effort, and/or the effort of the athlete just above you on the leaderboard. So, you can load those on your Garmin and use your PR or the KOM as your virtual partner and you'll know, while you're doing the segment, how you're doing.

  • It would be great to be able to mark all (or some) of the segments you've ridden and see them in the My Segments page.  A lot of people seem to be creating new segments just so they can have them on their page, despite there already being segments that cover exactly the same stretch of road.

  • To quote my response from a similar thread on this forum:

    Until this becomes available in Strava you can get this exact functionality on my site  You do need to register your interest to see you details but I think it ticks most of your boxes.  Still work in progress but I'm showing sortable lists of all completed segments, rides along with a graphical "dashboard" to compare all your segments.

  • Having a list of "Segments I've ridden" would be ideal.  If this was a premium feature it would probably motivate me to join as I do not see enough value in the membership right now.  I live in a area of many pro athletes so getting a top 10, let along a KOM, is a major achievement and for most trails an unrealistic expectation for most riders.  I think having a % measurement indicating your position relative to the rest of the group would be helpful.  

    For instance, one segment I ride I have been climbing up the leader board.  I'm now at position 22.  However if I had a percentage system I would know that i am now in the top 8% of all riders on that segment.  To me that more interesting that saying that I have a top 10 finish on a segment that has only had 16 riders....


  • Well, you can get a list of all of the segments you've ridden here (, although that's not its main purpose. It's sorted by the number of times you've ridden it.

    Also, I'm finishing up a tool which kinda does what you're looking for ("a % measurements indicating your position relative to the rest of the group..."). It's designed to help you find segments where you're most-likely to either get a PR or move up on the leaderboard. But your "percentile" idea is intriguing, too...

  • Any updates on this?  We really deserve this:)

  • The only way I can the "My Results" is to actually click the segment then scroll to the bottom and click "My Results", I don't see it on the "My Segments" page off of the dashboard or any other listing of segments. A couple people have asked already, is this only for premium accounts?



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